How to use HiTube function on HiMirror Mini?

We are excited to announce a new HiMirror Mini feature: HiTube! HiTube is not available in guest mode. Make sure you are logged into your account and connected to WiFi. Click the HiTube icon on the home page and you’ll see that HiTube starts up YouTube. That’s because HiTube is just like the YouTube app, except it lets you watch videos while using other HiMirror features! There are 3 ways to watch your HiTube videos: full screen, half screen, and minimized. When started up, HiTube will default to full screen. There is a panel above the video with the following navigation buttons: back, forward, refresh, minimize, and half screen. If you want to get ready while watching a video, start by turning on the makeup lights and adjusting as desired. HiTube will automatically minimize to continue playing the audio as you do so. Close the lighting control panel and click the HiTube icon to bring it back to full screen mode. Select the half screen button and drag the video across the screen freely. Now you can easily watch a YouTube video (including following along with a makeup tutorial!) while getting ready. If you just want to listen to the video’s audio, select the minimize button. The screen will be minimized and you can listen while navigating through your HiMirror Mini. Aside from HiTube, the YouTube app is also available on your HiMirror Mini for you to use. But we hope you will find HiTube especially helpful! If you have any questions about HiTube, be sure to leave a comment below!

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