How to Use Fixative Spray and Stop Charcoal Drawings from Smudging || Art Tips

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you how to stop charcoal from
smearing by using fixative spray. I was drawing this landscape sketch with charcoal
at the summer cottage and didn’t want it to get smudged during the car ride home. So, I used fixative spray to set the drawing. Shake the bottle first and then spray to the
paper or canvas. Don’t spray too close. You can spray several light coats. Spray fixative outside or in a well ventilated
space. You can use it to preserve charcoal, pencil
and pastel drawings. If you don’t have fixative, you can use hairspray
as a substitute. Fixative does not work wonders, so if you
wipe the charcoal or soft pastel or chalk drawing after spraying fixative, it will still
get ruined. But light touches will not smudge the artwork
as much after using fixative. If it’s a colored drawing, the colors might
darken or change a bit. Some artists use fixative between layers. For example, when I wanted to make a mixed
media painting with charcoal and acrylic, I noticed that fixative helped with painting
acrylic over a charcoal sketch without having them mix together. Let the fixative dry before continuing to
work on the piece. I’ve also made a quick video on how I store
and frame charcoal and pastel drawings, if you’re interested. You’ll find more art tips like this on my
channel. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Here's how I store and frame charcoal (and other drawings with similar mediums like pastel and chalk) drawings:

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