How to Use CHEBE Powder to Moisturize Dry Natural Hair

Hi everyone, welcome to discovering
natural today I am finally doing the video on how I have been using Chebe
in my hair the Chebe I’ll be using I got it from
Ancient and Natural and you can find them at When using
Chebe, please do not apply it on your scalp, the Chebe should be applied on your
hair to help with moisture retention when used with an oil or butter and also
to help strengthen your hair the first way that I use it is as a deep
treatment this is a moisture and strengthening deep treatment. To create
my mixture I’m using Kadima cocoa and mango butter this contains cocoa butter
mango butter honey molasses and jojoba oil and I’ll be adding one teaspoon of
the Chebe powder into my mixture and I will sit this on some warm water so as
to melt the mixture together you don’t have to do this but I’m low porosity so I
need to infuse moisture into my hair I need to do this so you don’t have to do
this but this is what the mixture looks like after it has been warmed up. Before
applying this mixture I will be shampooing my hair I start off by
wetting my hair and I’ll be using Kadima ultra mild two-in-one shampoo and
conditioner this contains black coffee vitamin E oil grapeseed oil lavender oil
and other organic ingredients I like the this shampoo because of the coffee the
coffee is meant to exfoliate your scalp and also your cleansing your hair and
condition it at the same time I’m twisting up my hair and giving my scalp
a very good scrub just remove any product buildup from my scalp once I’m
done doing that it will be time for me to rinse my hair after rinsing my hair
this is what my hair looks like and now it is time to put my hair into sections
and apply the deep treatment now this is the mixture of course and working in small
sections I’m taking my mixture and I’m putting it on the hair if you notice I’m
avoiding my scalp area because this is not meant for your scalp it’s meant for
your hair so do it and put it on your hair not your scalp so once I’ve worked
it into my hair I make sure I also concentrate it to the ends of my hair
remember the ends of your hair are the oldest part so they tend to dry up
really quickly so put a good amount of this mixture at the ends of your hair
and I’m just gonna twist off my hair and put it into bantu knot and cover it
I’ll be keeping this mixture in my hair for at least one hour actually kept it
on for four hours the longer the better after rinsing off my hair I’ll be
applying my Kadima leave in conditioner which contains
chamomile herbs peppermint and other oils and I will also be using the hair
oil that also contains grapeseed oil neem, peppermint and also loving their
oil. The second way that you can use Chebe in your hair routine is as a
moisturizer and I am actually going to use the Kadima raw shea butter as my
moisturizer but intensified with the Chebe so all you need is just a
little bit of chebe not so much and just mix it together with the shea
butter in your hand and you can use it as your styler as your moisturizer and I
find that when I combine these two together it works really well in keeping
the moisture my hair so I’m just gonna twist up my hair and this is what it
looks like so I wore my hair in twists or braided in the back for a week and
after that this is what my hair looks like after waiting for a week and I’m
just gonna unravel my hair and once I unravel it my hair still
feels very moisturized during the week I did not do anything to my hair I didn’t
know touch my hair I did not remoisturize hair and from what you see here my hair
looks really really moisturized. For more information about the Chebe powder
blend, please look at the description area down below and also if you want to find
more about Kadima hair products you can also get all the information in the
description area down below so thank you so much for watching this video, if you
want to watch the other videos click those videos right over there thanks for
watching bye

100 thoughts on “How to Use CHEBE Powder to Moisturize Dry Natural Hair

  1. This vid was really short and sweet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on chébé. How did you cope with the smell. It look like a little goes a long way using chébé. Are you adding it to your routine as a staple or it was a one off experiment? I am curious 😉

  2. Hi sola your hair always looks so moisturized no matter what product you use. I'm not a product junkie but so far nothing I've used has helped my hair I've done all the methods on your video's LCO, LOC, e.t.c it still ends up dry with lots of hair shedding/cutting off. PLEASE what else can I do?????????????

  3. I am Nigerian and have not heard of this before lol. I will definitely be asking my mum to get me some as she is coming over soon. Thanks for sharing and your hair is beautiful as usual x

  4. Chebe looks very smooth and nice..first time I heard of it too. I wasn't able to purchase it as im in the there anyway possible of me getting it from somewhere else? As it looks so good my hair tends to Keep the moisture once sealed in with a moisturizer, or castor oil, shea butter.

  5. Sola..thank you so much for sharing I was also looking to purchase the kadima products as I am learning to look after my hair myself now..I was wondering if you can use this as a protein treatment to bring back strength to my hair once a month? My hair has been always im currently trying to learn to maintain it. Thank s again ☺👍

  6. Thank you for replying, the reason I asked about the smell is because I used to put it in my hair, and when I go to work people said that I smell like curry chicken, I work around a lot of DRs so I stop putting it in my hair

  7. Wow! What a great way to show how to use chebe powder. We are so happy and appreciative that you are enjoying our chebe. We are currently running a Winter Season Sale on our 8oz chebe powder for a limited time with free shipping on all US orders.

  8. I just ordered the Chebe/Shebe Hair Glory Powder Blend from Ancient N Nature and will use it exactly as you used it. I watched a few videos and read about this product and have been interested for quite some time. I was not sure if it was available for purchase. Since you are using it, I will try it because I trust your judgement re hair products. you have never steered me wrong in the past. I think I'll try Kadima products as well. Thanks Discovering Natural!!! (this is Helle in H40)

  9. I went to buy on kalimba site. It is having a sale bit when u press the biy now button it takes u to amazon i stead which does not reflect sale prices

  10. I have watched several videos about chebe, and to tell the truth I was not sold until I watched your video, it was then that I purchased shebe powder… thx for the video..

  11. I tried Cheba powder mix and mixed it w/ a little bit of castor oil and bacuri butter. Trying to rinse my hair was a nightmare. It was so oily that even after 2 washes and conditioning I still had an oily residue and powder left in my hair. Not sure what I did wrong. I purchased my mix from chebemagic .com They said to mix 1 TBLS of powder w/ your fav oil and cream and that is exactly what I did. Any suggestions? I don't want this large jar to go to waste but I can't go through this each time I have to wash my hair. You made it look so easy. Thanks.

  12. You say Chebe is called Ewe Ajekobale in Nigeria, if I get my friend to bring some back is this the same hair conditioner or do I need to add to this?

  13. I like the application method you use🌹 I've used it with oil only and my hair wellll…it didn't respond well as all. Dried it out bad. May try this technique…tfs❤️🌹👍😇

  14. You've just gained a new subscriber. I've watched a couple of your videos just now and I'm hooked. You have such a lovely hair and I also think we have the same hair type, I'm a 4A I think. I'm also a low to medium porosity. Thanks for the video

  15. If you're interested in buying the Chebe for reselling in the US, UK, Canada etc, you can contact for the bulk purchase. Our Chebe is natural and from Chad

  16. Here are some local names for Chebe according to countries and languages.
    *àjẹ́ kò bàlé, Ajekobale = means witches do not dare to perch on it; alluding to deterrent to sorcery (NIGERIA, YORUBA)
    *adiékofolé, àjẹ́ kòfòlé (BENIN, YORUBA-NAGO),
    *ajε-ofoŋla (SIERRA LEONE, KRIO),
    *djélélé = (BENIN, GBE-FON)
    *jefulwal (SIERRA LEONE, YORUBA-AKU)

    *tóndì-bòŋ héení (pl. -ò) = millet of the summit of the mountain (NIGER, SONGHAI)
    *tonedibonhaïni (MALI, SONGHAI)


    étó òbùmà (NIGERIA, EFIK)
    *mòròmórò (NIGERIA, KANURI)
    *kuru-tinjengo (SIERRA LEONE, MANDING- MANDINKA)
    *ícen másàr = Egyptian wood/tree (ZOG)

  17. What of people with really damaged hair and their hair is now short that they can avoid the shebe touching their scalp?

  18. So, I have a Question? If You apply chebe on your hair ( not on your scalp) so how does it grow your then…? Just strengthen your hair?

  19. Does anybody get there pillows nasty with oil when they go to bed or is it just me? The oil seeps through my bonnet and scarf!

  20. Is it best to put the chebe when your hair is dry or wet?
    If my question is stupid I'm sorry I just was wondering

  21. Hi I'd like to know how do you use the chébé in such a way that when you stop using it there is no thining in your hair…apparently this has been an issue for some people

  22. Thank you so much for your video! I actually went and bought the Ancient N Natural chebe powder after watching your video several weeks ago and now I’m deep conditioning with it as I write this. I did something similar to your treatment, except I mixed raw shea butter, JBCO, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil. It’s only my first time trying it but I’m excited to see long term results! I’ll try it in a moisturizer too! Thanks again!

  23. Thank you so much, I have been mixing mines with oils and it has been drying my hair out to the point I stopped using chebe, I’m going to try mixing with butters

  24. Thank you for posting. Very informative. Please note that the link in the video has an "s" after natural. Some people may not notice that it is also listed in the section below the video. Just an f.y.i.

  25. I like the video very much. When can we buy chebe powder than? And why can't it be applied on scalp???🤔

  26. How often can i use this during the week? I know that you can leave it in and wash it out. But how often do you put it in your hair if you were just using it as just like regular moisturizer or oil would it be every day every other day what I'm curious to know

  27. Hello Ma. Pls why can't we apply on scalp? I thought it could be used on scaly especially to grow edges back and treat dry scalp too

  28. Hi what happens when you apply chebe your scalp. Got mine today and want to use it straight away. I have a problem with balding i was thinking i got a remedy

  29. Thanks so much aunt sola ! I just got my chebe powder yesterday from Ancient n Natural i order it on the 4/15/19 and i got it on 4/20/19 I'm so happy can't wait to use it

  30. I have only chebe powder, kankar oil, and shear moisture curl and shine style milk, I don’t have all the products you have. Can I combine the style milk with chebe or I comebine all three of them to moisturise?? And how many times do I do this method with chebe

  31. I just finished my first application and washed it out. The washing out is the hardest part. I almost started to panic but thank goodness I give my self plenty of time to try these new methods.

    After several shampoos and conditioning I managed to wash out most of it but sand like debris still stuck.
    when it was mostly dry I used a tangle teezer brush remove the debris…. and yup worked perfectly. 😅

    Had I not figured out a better way to wash it out i would have abandon chebe powder.

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