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Hi everyone so as you know we’ve got
all these amazing, new, great, and yummy sponges and I’m going to show you how to
use them with brushes. We’re going to start with this particular sponge here.
This is the Dual Ended Expert Sponge and unlike any of our other sponges this one is
used dry for maximum coverage and you can see that it is two different colors.
This side we have an angled shape here, this is for applying your foundation
and you’re going to get a medium to heavy coverage and then this end you can
use for contouring. So I’m going to tie my hair back and then we’re going to get
cracking. Okay I’m going to start with a stick foundation looks like that and
then I’m just going to go straight from here to here and pick up that product.
Now you can use this with creams and you can also use it with powders and we’re
just going to go straight onto the skin just working over the surfaces of the
face and you can see you just get an instant flawless finish. You can see that
took seconds. Next I’m going to take the pink end and I’m going to use a powder
contour so I’m just going to go straight from here to here pick up the product
and then straight onto here you can see I’m using that pink end, just pulling it
down the face and then pushing upwards into the foundation that we’ve already
put there. Now you can use this again with creams or with powders. What I like
to do is I like to turn the sponge back around again and then just go over
this surface with our foundation just to soften it in to get more of a natural
finish to the contour. Just using the shape of that sponge just to fit in the
hollow there – perfect. Now we’re going to move on to the eyes quickly and we have
a little pack of four Mini Miracle Sponges, now the purple one I’ve dampened
so it’s a little bit bigger than the others and I’m going to put that one to
one side then I’m going to take this pink one here
and I am using a cream eyeshadow and using the point I’m just
going to pick up a little bit eyeshadow and push it onto the eyelid all the way
across. You get a very even finish with this because it can cover a larger area
and I’m just pushing it you see so that we get a perfect finish see how quick
that is. Next I’m taking an eyeshadow palette and I’m using our Enhanced Eye Set,
and I am going to take this brush here. Medium shadow brush and I’m going to
take a brown eyeshadow and I’m going to work it through the socket. This brush is
my new favorite, I absolutely love it. It’s just such a brilliant all-rounder you
can do a wash of color all the way over the eyelid if you like quite a natural
soft finish, or you can turn it to the side and use it on its profile to create
a bit of depth through the socket. Now I’m going to take my trusty fine liner
brush and a black liner and I’m going to run this along the lash line. Really close to
the lashes, like that, for a nice precision line, just come back on
ourselves from the outside corner. And mascara, a good coat of that. Now I
actually cheated and had a little bit of mascara on when I started, and that is
when our amazing lash separator comes in handy so I’m just going to run that
through so I don’t get clumpy lashes because I don’t like that look at all.
While that mascara dries I’m going to take my Miracle Finish Sponge, this one
I’m using damp, and a little bit of cream blush. I’m using a sort of coral-y color. I’m
just going to go from here to here, pick it up and push that just on to the
apples of the cheeks. And you can use this with creams or
with powders and you could use it with highlighter if you wanted or you could
use it to set the face. Remember the little Mini Miracle Complexion Sponge
from earlier that I dampened and put to one side, well now we’re going to use it
so I am taking a concealer. Now this sponge has a flat side and it has a
pointed side. The pointed side is obviously quite good for blemishes, but
I’m also going to use the pointed side to go under the eyes. It’s up to you to
figure out what works best for you really. Straight from here to here and
then we’re just going to push that under the eyes. Now I like the point because I
can get right into the inside corner there and I am very dark in there so it
works well for me. Now I can take another one of my little tiny miracles and I’m
going to use a cream highlighter and I’m just going to load the sponge up and
just work that on the tops of the cheekbones. And then using my original
Miracle Complexion Sponge I am going to take a little bit of powder and just
using this dry I’m just going to take the shine off where I don’t want to be
shiny so forehead, just under the eyes here. And then add a touch of lip balm and
we are done. And there you go, super quick and super easy and that’s how sponges
can make an excellent addition to your makeup brushes. Thank you so much for
watching, don’t forget to subscribe, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and
I will catch up with you next time. Take care, bye bye!

29 thoughts on “How to Use Brushes + Sponges Together | Real Techniques

  1. Watched the first 2 mins and only one thing came to me "these sponges are true to their name"…these sponges work miracles when u r on the go…abs love it!

  2. Such a lovely makeup look, Sam! Gotta try these sponges.

    I was wondering if you could maybe do a video about how to tell if an RT brush is a real or a fake..I am from India and a hoarder of your brushes but lately have received a few that seem fake by quality and built. I order them online. Thanks!

  3. Your sponges are the absolute best!  Have to try some of these techniques for makeup application – love the little ones and the dual color one!

  4. Of course it's a flawless finish, you're using a full coverage foundation. The makeupForever stick foundation is very full coverage. You could use ANY tool to apply & still get full coverage. Nothing to do with this sponge. I like RT sponges, but it's not fair to lead people to believe this new sponge is the reason you're getting that finish, it's the product, not the sponge!

  5. what cream blush was used? it looks beautiful and i have been looking for a cream blush for ages so any suggests would be great!

  6. I went through three real techniques face brushes for foundation, as I clean them they get gewey to getting them cleaned out, I wanted so much to using these brushes. I been using sponges from this company love it. I want technique to cleaning propery, where they just wash the excess foundation really well!

  7. Hi guys I have just been watching a video on makeup brushes , this particular lady only uses animal hair brushes top of the range luxury !
    I have various collections of yours which I adore and because they are synthetic sits well with me also just bought your blue powder puff ! But that’s beside the point .
    However please explain the difference please between the two. ! Not that I personally would use animal hair brushes , thanking you both in anticipation regards Liz

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