How To Trim A Hedge, Level

hey guys today’s job cut this pivot edge
trim this pivot edge got a few following things in there but it’s no loan edge
miss well well cleaned the push shaped where just grow the new leaf now so if I
do a bit of a how-to video as well I go through the process and right away a lot
of people have different ways to do a neighbor of someone who was starting off best battery hedge trimmer
or don’t really know how to do it I think this will video will help a lot so
we go on an hour I leave a sharp edge sometimes I loaned different edges or
you still own this corner loss but now I leave it and sharp I’ll show you how
much I gotta do this so it’s got a few foreign things in there excuse that but
there we have a chair against a bench a dog used to push it in and stand on a
that’s ways like I shouldn’t leave that come back
he’s my weapons for today Husqvarna one two two hd60 absolutely fantastic
everyone was all about the still 45 I’d say that’s the competition in my opinion
this is my pet that we’ve got a rotating back angle the lower versions of the
stairs are hunting so all day long we get another one then on my km night
before RC so I do all this up there go deep that
is per day that’s why I need the long reach for come over there I’m gonna get
extension for you as well they come understand makes you me it
makes me laugh it eyes when people use extent long reach edge too much then
they don’t need to an in front of them like this well if you do in where you
can reach in norm or edge to my just use a normal one only use long reach for the
the long reach areas because you holding it all did more weight and you don’t
cost so much I cut on the bar lens just press them near is you so much it’ll on
YouTube doing that just makes me laugh anyway long yeah some strange with tree
leaves in me just a bit of a first stuff yeah somewhere that you let’s knock a
top off I will do the outside will do la next few days right we turn out together tip of the boss
digging in the fall so football slippage join a
minute would see as anyone over the top debt
just to the front don’t take big spikes to small spikes today the engine so don’t what the fuck died jet I’m just
coming up square just keep coming through square all right
try not to take too much off you’ve looked down that’s pretty sweet
already I do go back over there like I said you got to watch you dig in
especially with the end of the bar just see that they don’t you go nope there’s
come back together n bits go on this corner I’ll show you on the corner they
say I’ve been doing this edge in a long long time pretty much change ya wanna I
think a long time looking edge is right once you’ve got a ship if they’re just
taking small amounts and leaf off then what’s with the booty and this one put
it in my hand or swap side then obviously don’t take too much off you
can’t put it back on always go back over there and take more off like look for
the bits of sir to the lighting this can be nice already
a few minutes don’t need many revs at all
I see people scream and stuff there’s no need to just like our lives were cut
perfect they see a starling – lot smoother nice
there’s a bit of a badly by here can’t you take that back side beyond though
that’s just it does move your time let me show you this trip and this is the
offer good for you I got a curve in it and Bo got a natural curve well you
can’t go this way set up my camera so I find this the way I do it you might have
different ways gonna dig in there’s no way of really doing that note having a
line segment way to figure a nice natural curve there so I run it this way
when I’m gonna cross you sometimes they run underneath I’m on the top one say so
what should we do now yeah
I saw I got an inside curve to be surprised or food that is now type in a
dig in you cut me this way you have a lion the end of the teeth you see I know
yeah that’s how I always get a curve a how could curve don’t matter this is not
gonna dig in I was gonna watch it fun to the bar
that’s what’s digging you can buy fancy stuff I’m pulling on the blades but I’ve
never bought anything fancy in a neighborhood players go really pled to
me there was last few years and I have on take all day that’s why you say made
diesel some people lose num when they actually
going blue that they saw twice and cannot I guess the first pass in the front I
always do the bottom edge a bit of a trick a bit of a tip I always do the
bottom edge it’s just important as a top edge in my opinion so level them off
through their meetings it up you’ve got to get the bottom rate as well every job
I do I do a few edges are you always go the bottom is good they can I do it in
sections do the top now finish the top to you and then we work up there then
they finish this level and one go first he’s in jumping up and down there and
I’ll show you the main trick laughs again the top it’s level it come upward
motion very really you go down it’s always up I gotta go on the corner beer
I do and I’m in there on the top now right
this is our carry level I’m sure the way I do it now has worked good for me more best price electric hedge trimmers
videos on edges edge stuff that’s a bit of specialty mini bars though as I edges
for many years so anyway just come with it all the way along sometimes demo to
do the first edge this is the idea I tried to keep the bar needs so don’t
face in along the edge if you go in this way cutting like this you’re gonna go
like ah it’s gonna be all over the place on motion my way the levelness of the
bar I want to go in line when you go in you can lose them waving that star way
but not this way so easy lost they’re just so intricately flat
Tim again watching all the printable blades don’t again if you draw my delicate synthesizer 30
million Edge’s so strong it is old in the edge
cut I like Arbor Day but I think the like to the edge cut on the better side
have a um still each sed one with a thirty inch bar it was just too heavy to
go there today as far as I could turn the light to the edge some of the better
choosing a long time pushing on big jobs so lighter the better for stuff I mean really what really that I do the
long beach from where economy to this obviously if I can you said I can be
chilly on run as we cut first it makes more sense later maybe they’re
more comfortable going to 10 million rather one those 22 inch England’s more
on learn which as you can see pretty flat it to me
straight til he fits off though you said cut them
myself blades he said don’t want able to fund this
edge pick her up last then we should initial cut at the top
they said use a little light wake they can offer something as you pull more
backup when you need to it’s like blowing with a blow well as
well my goodness fuck their jet plane what I leave wah that’s quite flat go
flap together top Oh straight well no way alright so I’ll see you not
get far I owe the bar in our motion otherwise you get this effect will last
you do some Alan alright so just gonna show people I’ll try to get an edge next
on a level pivot as well really this one ignore the the foreign stuff in a it is
a pivot and I said now he’s fully cut ever see there’s a lot better doing it
our way I said this is how you’re gonna get one
level they hold me like are swiping at they keeping the bar my opinion our way
make sense tonight because the bar can’t really walk with this way you could be
like this and I said after use and use are doing this and this is what I’ve
come to looks the best so she lot of people do edges on YouTube
and someone will quite shocking be honest and then they could be laugh they
said good on that shit or curved away I can’t really change I well taking too
much when it’s all done it’s nice nice and crisp whose front edge real sharp
dunno this is ice well that way unless you want a lot of people would say to me
go cut that well this is ice might be like the fantastic HTML is really really
good can’t phase enough little jobs me you
can’t cut the other way I’ll show me now just walk along we will keep it really
level as you walk in that works you just keep your level just
keep going like I said they mixed to it my way and the sweeps away that’s why I doing is YouTube but yours
can also show what I can do because I just think I see a lot of people doing
down there and they’re doing it the wrong way quite shocking be honest
though sure what I can do without super that’s great I could just leave it go in time I just
follow away doesn’t lean too much because I don’t need to so I’ll just get
the other edge now you can see over there I see the long reach comes in and
even when I can’t get a cement a loser the wooden use a long reach to do it in
the photo job you saw if you were doing on YouTube just puzzles me what the
early doing just a normal HTML use our first and what’s wash them off but they
just use to coat the long reach for all of a way like way to do that justice a
via amorphous Ison in my opinion did a good day so we’ll use long reach now
just reach the back edge of a I’ve owned the back edge off to different edges
inside sharp my side wounded is different like a rougher finish on the
other side you just level out the parts economy already and I see as well just cool one way to suck them
back and for stand-up pulling them all back up and just dumb it’s not it’s just
just not the same just cut one way I got to do a different procedure buddy I know
I gotta fold the end over and I just knock the edge of a let me show you what
I do I put a downward drop on it only a bit and I sum for the edge from this
side over that side shooting them back out then when Newton along with each other give
me hand as far forward as you can it’s a few my arms if not ID maybe
Pegasus later I know it might be a future money let’s talk or sing a stuff on the
phone nice and slow and steady no people too fast
rush a car Russia let me vote
first and then shoot me over a bit of a barrel and 50 pence corner ice wall age
of rollin it says girlies bits off I’d be a little late to be a coke now pull
them off and I blow them off as well got a few natural dips to it but just on
about levelness of the cut also you want do want gouges in there pretty happy with I know again on the
wake now if we wake him off a vet another local a more sub layer go over
it again anything you can see then stick it out just catch it again we got a body
managed to do top edge give it away coffee see what sticks up before me
that’s a real lightweight pair now so just give a top a lightweight – Stein Makin’s look at it anything
that’s what great idea – good just pull down obviously compo too much tongue cuz
I don’t wanna break through but natural curve over the top they give the top
ones quick swipe down off-camera second cut cut now it’s looking pretty sharp
just blow it off now good blower and we do the front edge it’s not looking bad
now but the bottom edge is still a bit once we tidied up
so I said balm gonna be tidied just the same as the top but the way I do it now another moment the 45-degree angle though it’s good work it out and play with it a
bit but after that I was pretty sharp they so we want we must be off there’s all different ways of doing the
edge whatever works with a really just keep this in let me show you a swipe market is so one
can see about it others they could be careful with a tippler at
the bar the blades begin you have marks last way to keep the
thumb to the bar out special top as well longer the bar near top but some people
like 38 inch single site is a 14 but they too big because it did a tip the
tip to dig in then once you’ve got a watch again it’s a Ledge pick it up on
camera that’s pretty sharp but is pretty sweet tail else you want definitely
sharp edge like I even always wavy just go the edge just nice and sharp and it
all just match in and cover with and go it’s level enough been down there front
edge as you want
but Chris and all day we said as much you like you bear and
even okay every little leaf you know there’s an
instant line I think you’ll agree nice sharp pretty crisp what do you wanna do
now is the bottom it’s not finished just try a little bit of shaking up on
the bottom that’s a good we are line guys it’s lab it just tell
you at the bottom a bit like don’t even see a bad neck it is more age there to
get bad at bottom on a way how it’s all just like there’s nothing much there
on the bottom it down there – um today it was sham for a lane across the bottom
how many jobs they do for the followed so maybe a few I mean give it a sham fer
bottom edge sham cut into the floor what’s the weight you my case as if it you’re done quick oh to
video what’s just like a bit wild eh but let’s just trim back to might be without
Sycamore it’s a sycamore na and down there oh
it’s just a video oh no to get it level or to get your age level what I mean
level I mean no go jeez no I’m sick it comes back trying to go professional finish I think
that’s not a good tip there there’d be lots more videos in the
future on edges different jobs they do what I got to outside as well another
edge donate all the way down to the bridge so I said what I finish probably
do as well alright please subscribe thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “How To Trim A Hedge, Level

  1. Greetings nice work very neat the gas powered trimmers make a big difference they leave the surface so smooth looking great job

  2. Hi mate, nice finish. I do it for a living too. One thing I'd like to add, as you'll know, the tidying up is the worst part. Get as large a tarp you can find and lay it along the bottom. Makes it so much easier

  3. Brilliant video did I hear you right red diesel for blade lubrication I was wondering what to use I bought a Mountfield hedge trimmer brilliant bit of kit just need to know what to use on the blade.

  4. Very nice finish. The plant that's growing out of the privet that you said you don't know what it is – its a field maple – Acer campestre. The bottom of the hedge is patchy in places though.

  5. Hi Calvin, greetings from Canadas West Coast, I use a longer extension hedge trimmer at at low (below shoulder level) heights because I like it that the engine weight sits outside of my two hands and it kind of cantalevers/counters the weight of the hedge trimmer bar on the opposite side. But to each his own and i guess ultimately wherever you prefer to favor the muscle work is what it comes down to I guess. Happy trimming and keep it up(or down 🙂 )!

  6. Excellent job. Sharp edge looks well. Personally l like a rounded edge, looks a bit more informal, but depends on the setting l suppose.
    The hardest time to get the top level is the first few toppings but once it's only fresh growth u are taking off it's easy enough keep the line.

  7. An easy way to keep the top flat is to lay a piece of plywood on top of the hedge . Then put the hedge trimmer on top of the plywood, and simply rotate the trimmer around in a circle or to cut at both ends of the plywood. After that pick up the plywood and move it to the newly trimmed area and repeat the process all the way down the hedge till its all cut to the same level.

  8. This was a joy to watch, from somebody who also trims lots of hedges for a living. I have developed a similar technique over the years and I use a similar compliment of tools. Great job, now go have an asprin!

  9. A masterclass in hedge cutting , I am happy with that. In fact going to buy one of those fiscar light rakes. Do luv a bit of privet. Greetings from surrey.

  10. thanks very much for taking the time to make these videos and all your useful tips, I'm just starting out and you're a great help

  11. Good job and well done. Attention to detail is key and worth spending that extra time finishing off the little finishing touches

  12. pucha, ang daming dakdak… konting putol, daming dakdak… hindi na lang magtrabaho para mabilis matapos para hindi masayang ang binabayad na siguradong per oras ang bayad.

  13. A bit unrelated…

    Those husqvarna gas tools SUCK
    I have a string trimmer that broke down twice
    The spinner head thing “fell off”

    Buy electric y’all

  14. I cannot believe this video just showed up on my computer. Today, July 4, Independence Day, the United States national holiday, and I had to go to work trimming 80 feet of boxwood, and 60 feet of yews, both overgrown, at a building I am responsible to maintain.My question is this: I have many hedges to trim at various homes, and each one burns in about a week, How can prevent burning of the top of the evergreens? I trim in May and June, and sometimes in July for the first trimming of the year. This really bothers me. Thanks for responding back. Appreciate your help.

  15. If the hedge was against a brick house I always use a morter line of the brick as a guide. Ill take come off then stand back and find any high spot, then go back in and take those high spots down, stand back and see how I did. Moeter lines are always flat, and a good rule. Without the morter lines, I stand back and eyeball my work, then go back in and take the high spots off a tad more…works every time..

  16. Cracking job there do this work myself , with a hedge I find you do little then step back have a look and so on , I came on here looking to by a new hedge trimmer,great vid best regards Steve

  17. It looks nice, but in areas where you get a lot of snow, having a flat top can cause it to break apart when the snow is on it. I prefer to make the top narrow and tapered out lower down so the snow falls off.

  18. Unfortunately it is impossible to hear anything said in the middle of the video. Did he lubricate with diesel or what?

  19. Buddy – instead of constantly readjusting the angle, why not just go all the way down the hedge one way, then readjust and get the far edge all in one go yeah?

  20. Hav an idea for ya mate. When you show the parts with the engine goin', how bout ya lower the volume on those bits in the edit. I was constantly having ta lower and raise the volume all throughout the vid!

  21. I'd never given any thought to long blade versus short blade and how the slightest variation of angle can be more pronounced producing "swipe marks" with a long blade as opposed to a short blade. Your advice about how to hold the trimmer so you don't get the "wave" effect makes a lot of sense, too.
    "Learn something new everyday"

  22. I have trimmed miles of Hedges.Years ago attached a Carpenters string level on the cutter bar when I top trim it comes out level and perfect every time..

  23. Privet is a really dense hedge. I slept on top of one with my boyfriend last summer during the heat wave. Expect people in neighbouring houses were wondering what 2 naked men were doing asleep on a hedge 😂😂

  24. Im into hedging for probably 5 years professionaly. I use a similar technique. I use Stihl hs82r, hs 82t and km130 kombi long reach. Good tools is half the work. Always sides first with upward inward movement. Start at widest part of hedge and look what you can max. cut off. never try to do it in one pass as you probably wont go straight. try looking for straight guides as paving wich you can follow. top last, start at highest point, better to make multiple passes than going to deep. keep correcting and eyeball your work. good luck

  25. Calvin Thomas I'm from India, I like your this video soooooooooo much, but I wants to learn make some English alphabet letters in hedging, plzzz help me

  26. Classic shearing mistake: top of the hedge is wider than the base. When the top is wider than the base, it shades the lower branches, causing the hedge base to become thin from lack of light. ALL horticulture pros learn this in Hort 101. It's in all books on pruning. Sorry dude, yours is not an example to emulate.

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