67 thoughts on “How to Put on Pencil Eyeliner | Makeup Tutorials

  1. Can I do this and leave it without the liquid liner? Would it still look okay? Would it look "complete" if I just use the pencil in the proper way?

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  4. Yoooooo u did a lot of big talking in the begging about being a doing makeup for celebrity's or whatever but then u mess her shit up!!!

  5. you shouldn't have said "average" it sounded as if you're more superior, you're not, you are just a normal person what ever you do or whoever you are

  6. well wtf is wrong with this generation? little 11-12 years old girls wearing! 😮 when i was your age i was playing with sand not makeup!!!! damn im only 22 and i feel old

  7. This is how it looks when you put it on yourself… The model didn't even touch the pencil.. such a dumb example

  8. "When I put it on the model I kind of pull on her eyebrow." 15 seconds later "People always pull around their eyes, don't do that, it causes wrinkles."
    "When you put it on yourself you always want to keep your eyes on the mirror." 2 seconds later has model to shut her eyes "Close your eyes and kind of feel where to put it."

  9. Dots of eyeliner pencil in between the lashes. Then wiggle the pencil into the lash line and play connect the dots.Find an angled, soft and kind of flat eyeshadow brush and set the eyeliner. Go over your eye pencil above your upper lashline and below your lower lash line with eyeshadow color of choice. I'm sorry but if you use the method she just demonstrated you will waste time and energy cleaning up this mess you just made!! SeriousSkin

  10. This is a terrible tutorial. If she is a makeup artist then she should've at least been able to put the liner on much nicer.

  11. I tried applying my eyeliner while closing my one eye it's difficult. You don't see how and where you applying the line. But then I guess it's ok if it's a mess you can just smudge it! 😂

  12. Nobody is perfect but I found this tutorial useful and for got all the comments saying this video wasn’t useful and that if she does makeup for models she’s lying quit talking smack and actually try it

  13. Really useful video! I liked that she reassured that when you apply the eyeliner yourself you'll make mistakes and then she showed how to fix those mistakes. People who are commenting that she messed up applying the eyeliner totally missed the point. She was showing how to recover from an imperfect line.

  14. I always end up pulling, tugging and forcibly pressing down to leave a mark. I have tried several brands but all are too hard. If you are familiar with Graphite pencils, it is like using a hard #2 when what I need is a softer #4. You look like you are using a #6 super soft pencil! What am I doing wrong?

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