23 thoughts on “How to Pick Makeup Brushes | Makeup Tutorials

  1. "The contouring brush is important because you have to contour the face."…. Who came up with this script? Is this even scripted?? The information should've been something along the lines of – "If you're looking for a new contouring brush, you want to look for a brush with angled bristles. The bristles should be somewhat compact like what a foundation brush would have, but with flare at the ends so that the contour won't have sharp, harsh edges. Make sure to look at the ends of the bristle fibers and see that they aren't hooked and misshapen…."… THAT would be a helpful video. Jeezis… I would never hire this lady to do my makeup, she can't even explain what a good brush looks like and why you want it that way. She seems to be more concerned with how she looks in front of the camera than actually giving helpful information.

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