How To Pack A Bag For Long Flights

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hey cruisers welcome back to our series on international travel tips as we were
wrapping up that video series aimed at cruisers we got a comment on our youtube
channel from Nanette who said hey hold on don’t wrap up the series yet I want
to know what’s in your flight carry-on bag so Nanette and those of you who are
going to be experiencing a long-haul flight soon this episode is for you we
are going to show you two different types of personal item type bags that we
would take on a long-haul flight and everything that we would put into them
now the contents of this bag are just a little bit different than what we would
take on maybe a shorter flight so I’m thinking this might be for a flight
that’s anything more than six hours that’s kind of the criteria that I’m
using but use your best judgement and know that a lot of the items that we’re
putting in this bag today could also be perfect for a shorter flight as well
you’re just going to find that we’re taking more stuff for more comfort to
last us a lot longer right okay so first thing I want to remind you of is that
these are our personal items that we’re packing into in addition to those we are
going to have full carry-on suitcases we’re not showing you what’s inside
those today we’re just talking about the stuff that we want to keep near our
person once we’ve sat down in that airplane seat we want the stuff that we
can grab and access quickly so I’m going to show you two bags today that I
absolutely love and use all the time and you can decide what type of bag works
for you you might even prefer a backpack when we started flying abroad we were
using backpacks and I’ve just kind of transitioned over to a different type of
bag because I have different needs and I’ll explain what those are this bag
here is the mia tui Jenny or actually I’m sorry this is the mini Jen I have
just downgraded from the Jenny to the mini Jen because this bag is a little
smaller now what you’re gonna find that we have in common with both of the bags
I’m going to show you today is that they have a trolley sleeve so this sleeve
goes over the handle of your carry-on bag your rolling suitcase and that’s why
I’ve been using these lately is that I don’t want to put that pressure on my
shoulders from having to carry the bag or carry a backpack
so that’s why I like the bags that come with a sleeve this bag is really good
the mini gen for people who like a lot of compartments within their bag and
isn’t the color gorgeous no matter what color you get on the outside you get
this beautiful aqua teal on the inside it also comes with some really cool
add-on features that I want to show you it comes with this cute clear past
excuse me clear plastic bag that I’ve put some essentials in and it comes with
another little mini purse this is so cute and this also comes with a wristlet
strap so you can make this a wristlet bag or you can use a full length strap
on this this is wonderful what a great value and a cute bag for formal night on
a cruise if you ask me and the bag itself the mini gen also comes with a
full shoulder strap so lots and lots of extras with that bag but I like this
little plastic guy here even though it’s not made for being a TSA bag it’s got
some of my essentials in it which we’re going to talk about in more detail a
little bit later the second bag I want to show you is actually something I have
a discount code on currently I actually have a discount code on both of these
bags right now that could change by the time you watch this but check out the
description below to see if we’re running something current but the second
bag is a very simple bag from go penguin this is just another carry-on bag this
one is Navy and black but they come in black on black this one has a lot of
space inside it has a few less compartments than the other bag but I
think this is great for someone who likes the real minimal minimalist
minimalist that was hard to say a more minimalist look this is also really nice
for a man and it also has the sleeve here and an outside pocket so this one’s
great it also has a shoulder strap if you want it but those are the types of
bags that I’m gravitating towards lately so I wanted to show you two different
options so let’s talk about all of the different things that we would put in
the bag please know that this is probably overkill for a lot of different
types of travelers you don’t need to take all of this stuff just determine
what’s best for you and hopefully you’ll get some tips out of it the first thing
is probably one of the most important things that you can pack this is a
really nice little water bottle from Copco I will link to it below we’ll put
a whole bunch of little shopping links down there for you
this is really great because it unscrews from the middle like this isn’t that
cool so if you want to refill this at one of those Airport water bottle
dispenser things you could just do that and then screw it back on or you can
even hand it to the flight attendant and they can refill it for you of course you
want to take it through security empty but this one’s really easy to empty and
it’s very easy to wash and I just really love this bottle and take it to the gym
with me – it’s great another thing that I like to take for comfort on long-haul
flights that I do not take on short flights is number one and eye mask so I
can get my nap on which is much easier said than done right I’m really really
struggle with sleeping on a plane but the second thing that makes a little bit
easier is a nice neck pillow this is a really good one because it’s got a
cooling gel in it and it’s from travel on a little discount code for you for
travel on its website we’ll pop it down in the description but these are
must-haves for long-haul international flights now let’s not forget about the
practical things you want to take your device with you write your maybe your
phone maybe it’s an iPad whatever it is you might want to download some movies
and music for listening offline before you go so be sure that you do that
before you leave and don’t forget your device another thing you don’t want to
forget is your wallet and I don’t have my wallet with me but I want to make
sure that’s on your list today is to get your wallet with you you might want to
buy a smaller RFID type wallet so that you’re carrying less and protecting
yourself when you’re traveling internationally then of course you want
to remember to take your passports we have ours in this handy little neck
wallet that makes it really easy when you’re approaching the counter at the
airport to just have these around your neck especially if you’re traveling with
little kids or maybe you’re traveling with someone in a wheelchair and you
need to keep your hands-free these are really really nice we have our Global
Entry cards in here and of course a pen a pen is an absolutely essential thing
to take on a long-haul flight especially if you’re going to need to fill out
those customs forms so make sure you take a pen or two I’m sure the person
next to you would appreciate you sharing as well it’s something that we’ve made
the mistake of forgetting over and over again many times next tip is to take a
few little electronic items with you we have this cute little travel on pouch
for and our headphones make sure that you
take a portable charger some sort of a charging hub or a base I guess you could
say and some headphones there’s a ton of different portable chargers in our
Amazon shop which will link to but those are absolutely a must for travel because
honestly you guys sometimes airplanes these days don’t have plugs at your seat
not all airlines offer those plugs for AC power so make sure that you pack
something like that okay next up I do want to show you what we’re using for
our TSA bag now these work great within the United States this is we’re going to
keep all of our liquids and because when you’re traveling you have to keep these
visible and keep them out when you go through security mine always ends up in
the personal item bag that I’m sharing with you today so I just wanted to show
you the one that we’re using it’s in our store we’ll link to it and some of the
essentials that are in here like toothbrush toothpaste things to kind of
keep you fresh on the on the flight we’ve got other liquids in here too that
aren’t quite as important to talk about but whatever you need to take for
traveling speaking of other toiletry items and essentials there are four
things that I never travel without on a long-haul flight and I’ve separated them
into this little bag to make it a little easier to talk about them one of them is
deodorant folks if you’re on a long-haul flight it is wonderful to be able to go
into the restroom freshen up apply some fresh deodorant before you
get off the plane sorry I know it’s kind of personal but I think it’s a really
nice thing it might keep you a little bit more comfortable so we always take
deodorant we also take chapstick facial moisturizer and antibiotic ointment now
this is kind of gross but a nurse one time told me a little tip before you get
on an airplane to help you keep germs out of your breathing space and that is
to put a little bit of neosporin on a q-tip and dot it inside your nose I
don’t know if it works but we’re religious about it we’re each time we
get to the airport we’re the people with the q-tip sitting there going like this
with the neosporin in our nose give it a try it gives us a little bit of peace of
mind for one reason or another and it can’t hurt to have a little bit of
antibiotic ointment like neosporin or whatever on your flight okay next up are
some items that we take for comfort on every flight my husband doesn’t really
take these but I do the lady in the femme
likes to have a cozy pair of socks just don’t walk into the restroom with these
put your shoes back on ooh gross right these are great some fluffy little socks
for me and my son are always nice I always take also a nice warm neutral
colored wrap this can double as a travel pillow a neck wrap a blanket so many
different things I use this in dozens of different ways from keeping my knees and
my ankles warm on a flight to creating a little place to take a little snooze
it’s just wonderful to have one of these these are a little tough to find watch
the major department stores around the holiday period Black Friday Christmas
they tend to have nice fluffy warm scarves like this grab one when you can
find it because I cannot seem to find a good one on Amazon to save my life all
right another thing that we always take on a long-haul flight is a change of
shirt and a change of underwear believe me if you’re going on a 12-hour flight
popping into the bathroom with a change of shirt change of undies and some
deodorant makes you feel human again when you get off that flight trust me I
do it every time and it’s so nice also if you’re traveling with children you
should have a change of shirt and potentially a change of outfit for the
child I have had spit-up and other bodily things you know cast upon me on a
flight that really you don’t want to have to borrow a shirt from someone else
on the flight and I’ve had to do that before so I’ve learned the hard way but
I almost always change my shirt when I get off that 12-hour flight so next up I
like to consolidate my cosmetics and keep a few essential items with me on a
long-haul flight I don’t want to take my full-size makeup bag which looks
something like this for travel so what I do is just pack a few essentials into a
small bag like this to keep with me essentials for me are probably gonna be
like lipstick some powder and maybe some eyeliner just to kind of freshen up a
little bit it’s up to you but that’s one tip that I have for keeping things light
you can put the rest of your makeup in your big bag another tip we have for you
today is to consider getting some mesh packing cubes I got these at t.j.maxx
for $5.99 they have them all the time at discount stores like Marshalls Ross and
TJ Maxx and this can just help you to keep all of this miscellaneous stuff
organized inside of your carry-on bag so that is my friends the anatomy of our
carry-on for an international trip now we always want to ask you to tell us
what your tips are for whatever topic we’re talking about I’m sure that I’ve
forgotten something I’m going on a flight soon so I better figure that out
quickly if you see something that I forgot or if you have some awesome tips
for packing your carry-on for a long-haul flight we’d really love for
you to pop it in the comments below and make this just an awesome resource for
people who are flying in the future thank you so much for following along on
this international travel tip series we hope that it was helpful I know it was a
bit of a departure from what we normally do here at cruisetipstv but if you’re
anything like us you might be getting out of your comfort zone traveling a
little bit farther this year and we want to help out thank you so much for
watching and until next time friends we’ll see you on the high seas bye

61 thoughts on “How To Pack A Bag For Long Flights

  1. I use that passport neck wallet, but I keep it in my Mia Tui bag. I use it as a carry-all wallet while traveling to and from our vacation destination.

  2. I got a white and black plaid blanket scarf from Big Lots a couple of years ago and a purple one from the Target Dollar Spot last year. They were very inexpensive and very warm.

  3. I’ve known about that sleeve that fits over the handle of my carryon for many years (an employee at the airport in Toronto was so surprised that I knew that trick & my personal bag slipped on top of my carryon & stayed there throughout the airport) because I have a bad shoulder & cannot do backpacks or big shoulder totes.
    My carryon always has all of my meds – even the OTC things because on longer flights I get achy & uncomfortable – and often get a headache. I also have my electronics & my one day emergency kit – which has 1 pair of undies, 1 t-shirt, toothbrush & toothpaste, deodorant- just in case there is a flight delay & end up staying at a hotel near the airport for 1 night (and my luggage is still at the airport)!
    I like to wear compression socks too!
    And I have the same passport holder – which for me is necessary- because I’m using wheelchair assist in airports & I need my hands to be free & need to be able to grab my passport when I need it – I also keep a pen in the passport case & some cash for tipping – right at my fingertips – and around my neck so I can keep my eyes on it!
    I haven’t done too much International travel – except to Canada – but any flight over 5 hrs is a long flight for me! So important to try and be comfortable (not easy on airplanes these days)!

  4. I put Vaseline inside my nose when I fly so I must have heard a similar tip as you! Lol Water bottle, liquids bag for security, med pouch, charger/cables pouch, phone, and gum/snacks all go in my personal bag. I travel carry-on only so I have access to my clothes if needed.

  5. Two of my must have items: Kleenex (lots) and a 7x power brick thingy. I was very thankful for both of these items during my flight back from AUZ – a lady across the isle from me kept turning her head and sneezing WITHOUT covering her mouth and nose. By the time the flight was over I was not feeling the best and ran out of Kleenex from sneezing myself. No amount of asking her to not sneeze on me helped. The power brick was my life saver because I could keep listening to my book and try and stay in my own little world. 🙂

  6. In addition to hand sanitizing wipes, I bring a travel packet of Clorox wipes. I use them to sanitize my tray table, seat belt and so forth. I know I am a bit of a germaphobe, but it gives me peace of mind. 🤪

  7. I pack sanitizing wipes for both surfaces and for hands. The personal pack of each takes up about as much room as a Tissue pack, and is exempt from 3-1-1 limits. Wipe down the tray table, bulkhead wall and arm rests at a minimum. And, wipe off your hands before eating as a substitute to washing your hands prior to a meal.

    I can almost always find these in the Dollar section of Target or Wally World, so it’s an easy and cheap investment in reducing the chance of catching something on a flight.

  8. This was such an awesome video. I'm going to share it with my mom. I just recently took a long haul flight on my honeymoon. What helped so much was when I brought with me a nice comfy cozy pair of pajamas to change into and wear on the overnight flight. I tell you, it just made all the difference in the world to cuddle up in my seat and and be comforted by my warm snuggly pj's!! I fell right to sleep in comfort.

  9. I change into PJ’s on the flight and then put my regular clothes back on towards the end of the flight when I go to freshen up. A little mouthwash and those Biore or other face wash cloths that you wet to activate the soap make a huge difference, and then you get to put mostly fresh clothes back on.

  10. I put a Tide pen in my bag…always spilling something. There is a small/travel size Tide pen that I put in one bag and a regular size Tide Pen in another bag.

  11. I would have a crossword book or novel/magazines to read, slippers sometimes too. Also pain meds or meds for upset stomach if prone to air sickness.

  12. *Throat lozenges/ hard candy
    *EmergenC powder
    *Chamomile tea
    *Shampoo/conditioner bars need to worry about tsa compliant. Found on Amazon

  13. I put in a few disposable toothbrushes that already have toothpaste in them to brush my teeth… And "wet wipes" to freshen up with…

  14. Instead of fuzzy socks that require you putting shoes on to use the lav I carry a pair of Fitkicks. VERY light weight with a plastic sole. You can keep them on to use the facilities. I carry a plastic bag to put them in at the end of the flight to keep them segregated from the rest of my bag contents. Also, per my doctor, wear knee hi "light" compression stockings and take baby aspirin two days prior and three days post flight to address any possibility of DVT.

  15. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see the computer or i pad go in. Some people put clothes, extra shoes, their purse, umbrella and raincoat in their personal.item (in other words what they couldn't fit in their suitcase , lol). You can also put a backpack on top of your roller suitcase. Love your site and all the great info you share with us, appreciate all you do!

  16. Packing cubes have changed my packing life!! Love them. And an anti-anxiety prescription from my doctor for the flight, lets me relax and take a snooze so that I arrive somewhat rested.

  17. RFID sleeves not only for your cards but your passport too. I think sometimes people forget that your passport has a chip too. If you don’t like the sleeves, then make sure your passport wallet is completely RFID.

  18. I always bring a pack of gum for takeoff and landing to protect my ears from getting plugged (is that what it’s called?)

    I need to tell my hubby to watch this! I always pack our flight bag with just the essentials and then when I need something on the plane, the bag is stuffed full with a bunch of stuff hubs added last minute!! Makes me crazy!

  19. I have a question. Where do you keep your full sized makeup bag? Can you keep it in your checked luggage, if you are checking luggage? I worry that my makeup will explode & create a mess if I check it for my long haul flight.

  20. We always take noise cancelling headphones on all our flights whether flying from Brisbane to the UK or within Australia.

  21. I bring a portable charger, noise canceling headphones my Kindle and snacks. I also bring my sunglassesJust in case I need it once I get off the plane

  22. For a long haul flight, I make myself a mini-relaxation kit that I put in my liquids bag. A tiny essential oil spray, a sample sized moisturizer and/or face mask, lip treatment, etc. Samples from the beauty counter are great for this! When it’s time to sleep, you can rest luxuriously even cramped in a middle seat wayyy in the back!

  23. I love having my iPad on all flights, brighter screen/ easier to see. I usually turn on closed captioning so my neighbors can read along if they forgot their devices too. A good facial wipe is great to freshen up too!

  24. I use Vaseline in the nose, same idea as you and I never get sick. Use handsanitizer just to be on the safe size and wipe down seat area. I am not usually uptight about germs but you do not want to be sick on your holiday.

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