– Hi everyone. – [Hairdresser] Hey, so what
kind of hair do you have? – High porosity natural hair. – [Hairdresser] Okay, good. And what is high porosity,
what does that mean? – High porosity is like, when
you put moisture in your hair that means that it will, like, the moisture will get out quickly. – [Hairdresser] Okay, that’s good. So there are some things that you can use in moisturizing it and to keep moisture in if you have high porosity. What are two ingredients that you wanna have in your products? – Aloe vera oil juice? – [Hairdresser] Aloe vera
juice, and what else? – And … water. – [Hairdresser] Water is good,
but there is one more thing that you wanna have, and remember? Do you remember what it is? – Mmm… – [Hairdresser] You don’t remember? – No. – [Hairdresser] Okay, we’ll talk about it. (upbeat music) – This was the requested video. Someone wanted to know: “how do you moisturize
high porosity hair?” – Like ours.
– Like ours. And, we’re gonna show you
how I moisturize our hair, but there are two ingredients
that you wanna make sure you have in your products, and those are like aloe
vera juice or aloe vera gel, and you also want to
have apple cider vinegar. So, let’s get started. Are you ready? – Yeah.
– Okay. So the first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna work in sections, and I’m gonna just place
her hair into two like this. I’m taking one section,
I wanna take some water, you always wanna start with water. And this water is a, warm water. And warm water will open up the cuticles so that the product that you
wanna put in can penetrate in. Use your fingers to work the product in. Or the water in. Next, I wanna take my oil. This is my DIY oil. And I’m just gonna take this oil, I’m gonna put it into
the length of her hair, making sure I concentrate
it also at the ends. After that, I’m gonna take my moisturizer and the moisturizer we’re using is the Eden BodyWorks curl defining cream. And why are we using this? – So… – What ingredient is in it that we use? – Oh, because it has aloe vera. – Yeah, it has aloe vera juice, as the… – Fourth ingredient.
– As the fourth ingredient. So you want aloe vera juice
to be top in the ingredients. If you don’t, if you have
a product that you like, but it doesn’t have aloe vera juice, you can use aloe vera gel afterward. So I’m just taking a little bit of this. I’m starting, I always
start at the root area. Put some at the ends, and work it through. If you need more, you can get more. This keeps our hair
really, really moisturized. So after applying this to the hair, the next step is to use a thick butter, or you can use a thick oil,
like, what oil is this? – Black castor oil. – Black castor oil. You can use black castor oil. And this oil, you just
take a little bit of it, not so much, and I’m gonna put it through the ends of her hair, and this seals in, locks that moisture in. And when you lock that moisture in, it allows the moisture to last longer so that it doesn’t escape easily. Then, next, what do you, what
can you do next to your hair? – Next, you have to twist it. – You have to twist it. Well, you have to twist it. So after that, twisting your hair will also help you lock in that moisture because when your hair is out like this, moisture disappears easily from your hair. (upbeat music) – My hair is all moisturized, and if you wanna see this hairstyle, go to Discovering Natural Instagram page. Bye.


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  14. Train up a child in the way she should go and when she is old she will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
    You are an excellent mom. You are doing a superb job raising her not just because of the way you care for her hair but also the way you teach her to care for it herself. I applaud you .

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  18. hey can anyone tell me my porosity? ok so I have hair that frizzes up really easily, like basically hardly holds a style. I always pre poo, my hair loves it. my hair also likes to be sealed with a shea butter mix (everytime I tried grapeseed oil–a light oil–my hair would feel very moisturized while still damp but when my hair dried it would be Bone dry with lots of knots). When I apply my deep conditioner , I noticed my hair responds way better with soaking wet hair.If my hair is properly moisturized it'll take anywhere from 10-15 hours to dry but if I wash my hair at night and put no or minimal product in it it'll dry completely overnight. But when I consistently use the same mask on my hair , I feel like over time my hair stops responding as good. That's why I had to stop using the Shea Moisture Superfruit Masque and again the Manuka Honey Masque. My hair also gets really dry with their coconut and Hibiscus line , which has high amounts of protein, especially the curl and style milk. Small amounts or no protein my hair is fine with(well come to think of I may do a protein treatment soon) My hair may also not like aloe but I'm not sure yet. I find if I apply products to my hair when its not damp enough it doesn't feel nearly as moisturized. I feel like I must always start any style with spraying water on my hair or it won't penetrate. In general though, I don't feel like I have to fight to get moisture in my hair. My hair on a good week can stay moisturized for 3-5 days. If my wash day doesn't go good , my hair will be unmoisturized in a day or two. Sorry for the long comment , I just have no idea of my porosity because my hair shows characteristics of both high and low.

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