How To Make Zombie Disney Princess Makeup and Costumes!

Welcome to Pins and Things. Today we’re going to be making zombie princesses. Today I have here with me Jill Swenson from Jill Swenson YouTube channel. She actually does amazing makeup, so she’s gonna be doing my zombie makeup today after I’ve done all beautified and Cinderella like we’re gonna destroy it I am just using a green with water-based cake makeup make it look a little dead and The zombie ish. We’re just doing the base layer of color. We’re gonna add latex and different effects on top of it It’s a zombie make it messy. It doesn’t have to be perfect I am using the skin illustrators effects palette and the neck Romania palette. These are both alcohol-based palettes so you have to use 99% alcohol to activate them. They’re great for layering underneath When you want your skin to look dead, vein y you name it. It’s perfect for base layers of makeup It is an investment. So if you’re really wanting to do effects makeup, invest in that. The colors that I’ve used are from the neck Romania palette and I mixed Dark Moss and vile bile and then I’m adding in some on ice for kind of a colder dead look, that’s more blue. It looks like your veins are coming to the surface. For your eyes, I went ahead and used some shadows. These are both from Mac. I used shadowy lady and carbon added in some vein work Capillary-ish makeup with bruised tone, ultra blue and black and that’s in the illustrator effects palette. So once we have the base layer of makeup down, you just add liquid latex because as it dries You can peel it off the skin manipulate it stretch it around. That’s how I created a scar here We’re just making her look like that Apple did some serious damage to her mouth open sores the works. And then added some lovely fake blood. Doesn’t move too much because she’s going to be moving around and filming so we added some drips. She’s ready to go scary. So makeup is only half the battle at this point What I want to do is really distress and make the dress look disgusting But I love this dress so much that I do not want to ruin it So I have some leftover scrap material. You can also go and color match your dress Whatever dress you’re using if you want to keep it nice to any material at like a material store We’re just going to use this material piece it on in the most disgusting way possible to make it look zombiefied. We’ve ripped it up. We also added hair color pretty much spray paint We also have red that we’re using for the blood color. Right here we’re doing an Elsa costume and right here We have really big snowflakes and we’ve cut them in a way that it’s really smooth So it won’t hurt anybody, but we attach these two things together So I put a little bit of liquid latex on this itself. You can see it on there. We’ll actually add blood around it So you can’t really tell it was liquid latex when we add the makeup. I attached it to this You can see it kind of drizzled on there and then I test it to this and now that it’s tacky We’re gonna just attach it like that. See that? And it’s done! That easy you add makeup and you’re done. Here we have Rachel from the Ohana adventure. Doesn’t she look gorgeous today? So we went ahead and we routed her arrow up added in some Leafs and anything that looks like natural like she’s been Scrimmaging is that a word? Around in the bushes and like attacking? animals or people, you know, you never know. So.. People, Lotsa People And then making sure that it’s dripping down I just feel like with hers, especially you’ve got to have like blood on the front of her. It looks amazing. I love it! I actually picked up this dress off of Amazon. I will have a link in the description below. Today we have Nelly from the journeys YouTube channel She is sporting our Belle dress that I also got off of Amazon for around a $100. Hers is a little bit more complicated and it’s not as easy to find one. That looks really good unless you kind of spend a little bit of money. To make it look messy because I still wanted it to look beautiful we did the exact same thing to her dress that we did to mine, which is just color matching it with some material that’s the same color and then roughing that up and making it look nasty. Pinning it on and trying to make it so it looks like it’s part of the dress. That part of the dress has been really messed up. Yeah, I got a fight with the beasts, but I ate em, so I won It’s so creepy. [Laughter] That’s so wonderful It is! Here’s Leah from Stits bits YouTube channel We had her makeup done with some blue and green around the eyes trying to make her look a little bit more swampy Adding some blood onto the chin. To make her dress look ragged, we did the exact same thing that we did to mine I actually dyed and made this dress, two wedding dress from a thrift store and we have the tutorial for that coming soon. Here’s Shinoahe’s costume, Shinoahe is my youngest sister I love this! We got a cheap Elsa dress off of Amazon and just completely drenched the front with splatters of blood. We used liquid latex for the part that the snowflake is going into. We got the snowflake from the dollar store I had a whole bunch that I just had in my crafting supply from last year’s Christmas that I got there and we just broke It in half and added a little bit of latex onto it, so that the latex sticks to the other latex really really well. And then covered it in blood. Thank you guys so much for watching Make sure to check out Jill Swensons makeup channel. She is amazing! Be sure to subscribe if you like this. Also, you can check out everybody else’s channels The links will be in the description below You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram And if you want to watch my everyday life You can click over here, Or to see how to make this princess dress, you can click over here. We will see you guys next time. Here we have, for some reason I didn’t have any idea what it was

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