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Hi friends and welcome to a new Beauty and
the Boutique video with me Katie! professional makeup artist, stylist & founder of online boutique If you want to take a look at what’s new
in the store click the link below! PLUS, you can shop in your own currency. Simply,
select your currency from the drop-drown. Today I’m gonna teach you my secrets to
fresh faced radiance. Sometimes you see pictures of models and celebrities
on the red carpet, and their photo shoots, and their skin just…. doesn’t it? And
has such luminosity. Now, that’s not natural, they’ve cheated it. I know exactly how they’ve
done it. So I’m going to share with you the secrets
to fresh faced radiance that you can achieve at home to get the same: a luminous and radiant
look to your skin. So let’s look, we’ll only use three great
products. These are the three products I have in my makeup kit that really get the job done.
Now the great thing about these products is that they can be added to your existing makeup
look or they can be used alone to create a all new makeup look, you decide how you want
you to use each product. If you want to find out more about these products
then click the link below and you can see exactly how to use them at home and more about
them in my store. Are you ready? Let’s get started. STEP 1: LIFT & HIGHLIGHT YOUR FACE For the face to have radiance it needs to
have a light to the face. Now, that light we’re gonna cheat. We’re gonna cheat by
using this clarifying pencil that comes in two shades. I’m using shade light. This pencil
is brilliant because you can use it with all your existing eye makeup looks you already
do at home, or you can simply use this with what you just got your mascara. These are
the finishing touch to an eye makeup look. With this pencil we’re gonna create a very
subtle brow lift. We’re gonna open the eyes up to look lighter and more fresh, and we’re
also gonna use this to highlight the tops of our cheekbones. What you’re gonna do is from the real high
point of your brows, from the arch of your brow down to the tail end of your brow you’re
gonna draw a little line with the pencil and that line’s gonna be about half a centimeter
thick. Then, with your little pinky finger you’re gonna pat and you’re gonna gradually just
blend that line in, so it doesn’t look like a line anymore, just
looks like natural light to your eyebrow bone. That’s really created the left.
Next, you gonna get the pencil and you’re gonna just place a tiny dot on your tear duct
area, just here. Top in the colour, this is what we’re gonna, we’re gonna add a shot
of light right into the inner corner of the eye, that’s gonna help open the eye and
lift it even more. To make your eyes look more white away, and more brighter, a more
fresh face we’re gonna take this pencil and with it I’m going to line the lower water
line of the eye like this. It’s all about creating substitutes to your
makeup that are very natural looking but that have a big impact. Now we’re gonna use this pencil on your
cheekbone. To find your cheek bone, you’re gonna take the finger and you’re gonna place
it along the very reach of your cheekbone, that’s the top of the cheekbone.
You want to go down from around just the end of your iris here, so the corner of the iris
is there and you’re gonna draw a line from here right across your cheekbone. It looks
a bit funny at the moment but you’re gonna get your ring finger and you’re gonna pat
that line and you’re gonna feather that line so that it blends into your skin, and
it doesn’t look like an obvious line, just a touch of light across the top of your cheekbone. STEP 2: SECRET WEAPON COMING UP Watercolor blush in shades is so pretty when
you need a little pep to your skin, probably you’re feeling you’re looking ashen or
tired, or when you look at the mirror you think like… this is the secret weapon. Give
a little shake, the colour in here is mixed with tiny glycerin particles when it goes
onto your cheek, as you turn the light is gonna bounce off and really add luminosity
but also the prettiest color-rosiest glow. Back of the hand, tiny little dot, you don’t
need to use a lot of this ‘cause a little goes a long way. Tap with your ring finger.
Smile. Tap onto the cheeky part here so just down from the iris here, and then up towards
the top of your ear. So we’re gonna pat on then in quick little circular motions we’re
gonna move up towards the top of the ear. I’m gonna show you: Tap and then quickly blend upwards. We’re gonna do the other side, then we’re
gonna show you how to enjoy it
on your left too. HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR LIPS I like to use the remainder of the blush from
the back of my hand on my lips, if my lips are clean and I just want to create a lip
stain, or if I got lipstick on or put this over the lipstick to really kind of layer
up and change the color of the lipstick. If you want to see more of my tips for using
this blush then click the link below and you’ll see in the pictures exactly how I use it,
plus you’ll see it on different skin tones. STEP 3: YOU’LL LOVE THIS This is “Scott Barnes Body Bling” in shade
Platinum. If you haven’t heard of this product before this is gonna blow your mind. I’m gonna use this product to add more lift
and light to my face. You can also enjoy this on your body, in particular this looks incredible
on legs, it really helps to lengthen the look and makes it look absolutely beautiful. This
can also be mixed with your foundation, so if you want a all overglow all across your
face then you’re gonna mix this in with your foundation on the back on your hand,
and then you’re gonna apply it all over to your face. But for today, I’m just gonna
show you how I like to use it in areas of the face that catch the light and they’re
really are at this kind of glow. People will keep asking you what have you done differently
to your face. This is gonna be it. This is just beautiful. So I’m gonna put a little bit on the back
of the hand, then with your ring finger just start off with a little amount then you can
build up as you wish, and when you apply the strip of clarifying pencil you’re gonna
apply this over the top, as I go across the cheekbone I’m going up into a curve here,
so it’s kind of like a “C” area here. Also you’re gonna apply it down the bridge
of the nose and you’ll notice that’s gonna add slight color to it. As you apply it just
make sure you massage and some color blends beautifully into your skin tone. A little
bit over the top of your brow where you apply the clarifying pencil just add a touch of
sheen and also you’re gonna put a little bit on the cupid’s bow. Look at the luminosity that it’s created
from where I placed to have my cheeks. You can really see the light is just playing off
and really creating this beautiful sheen to the skin. That’s what I love about this,
is that you can mix this with your existing look or you can wear each product alone. Each
product alone creates beautiful effect that is natural but does has impact. So this is the final look: fresh faced luminous
radiance. I hope that I’ve inspired you to try something
new in your makeup today. And again, if you want to know more about the products that
I’ve used in this video click the link below, plus you’ll receive worldwide delivery today. Thank you so much for watching and if you
want more tips and tricks then be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and my facebook
page. Thank you so much for watching and I hope
to see you soon in another video. Bye

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