How to Make Homemade Makeup Bags : Homemade Makeup Bags: How to Sew in a Zipper

Hi! I’m Candi Cane-Canncel on behalf of Once you have it pinned in you want to change your foot from the zigzag
foot to your zipper foot, change your stitch length to about a 3 and you’re going to
insert the make-up bag. And what I like to do is start a little about a inch of the way
down to make room for the zipper pull and we’re going to end up stitching that part
up at the end. When you come to the bottom you simply turn your fabric, pull out your
pins from the area and you’re going to stitch right across. And I like to go back and forth
a couple of times because this will make sure that your zipper pull does not extend beyond
that stitching, turn your fabric again and you’re just going to simply come up. Again
what I like to do is stop about a inch away from the top…you pull it out and with your
pin securing the very top, you’re going to take your seam ripper and simply unbast
the basting stitch, just pull it out and just do this for about 2 inches. Now what you do
is go to the other side, push your zipper pull in, might need to open it up a little
bit more and pull down, secure your pins again and put your fabric in the machine where you
left off, back-tack a little bit and then simply continue your stitch line when you
do that for one side bring it around and you’re going to do the same thing for the top. Once
your lines are all in you’re just going to continue unbasting till you get to the
bottom, trim any access thread as well, and there you have a zipper. For more info on
this topic go to my website

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