How to Make Homemade Makeup Bags : Homemade Makeup Bags: Finishing Your Homemade Makeup Bags

Hi! I’m Candi Cane-Canncel on behalf of In this clip we’re going to finish up a really little cool make-up
bag. Now we’ve just inserted the zipper, so what you want to sew up the sides is actually
open up the zipper and as you can see our zipper was a little longer than our bag, so
just take a pair of scissors, you don’t want to do this with your best pair of scissors
maybe use your scissors you would use for paper and just trim. Trim your piece so that
the right sides are together and you’re going to pin on the sides, pin all the way
around the bottom
and then up the other side. And then you’re just going to stitch up the sides and the
bottom of your make-up bag, take your pins out and then you’re just going to trim the
excess. Turn your bag right side out, you want to pock out the corners and there you
have a really little fun make-up bag. For more info on this topic visit my website at

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