How to Make Crowns with Lace、Quick Eye Makeup for Lace Crown Styles

Hey guys welcome back, today I’m going to show how to make these lace crowns, they are very classic accessories it’s very easy to make them at home, and quick tutorial for eye makeup to match with the lace crown style I’ve got some pieces of lace fabric, this piece has some pearls on the surface, really beautiful, i will put all the products’ information in my description box. And black lace too, a bottle of fabric stiffener to mold the fabric, and a big roll of toilet paper, wrapped with cling wrap, it seems funny. and some clean water, flat back crystals in different sizes. First let’s see a metal crown i bought, it roughly covers 3 quarters of my head, not 100%, so i will measure my head size, it’s about 50 centimeters, and 3 quarters of that is about 38 centimeters, so cut 38 centimeters fabric, Put a plastic bag here to keep things clean and tidy, get a container and chopsticks, sorry it has some leftover because i tested everything in advance. Pour some fabric stiffener, depends on how much fabric you are going to mold, you can see , its very thick , so I’m going to add some water to dilute, just a little bit, you will see it’s very easy to mix it with water, maybe a bit more i feel it’s enough now. Just put the lace fabric into the liquid, and make sure it’s covered by the liquid evenly, feels like I’m cooking something, then we put the lace on top of the paper roll, leave it for a whole night, the next day we will get a nice crown with natural curve, tidy up everything, because the pearls on the fabric are covered by the liquid, so you can used cotton bud to wipe away the stiffener to keep the original luster of the pearls, it’s a bit time-consuming, hmm what im going to do? just leave them like this, let’s see what will happen tomorrow So the next day you get this lace crown, it’s not perfect, but we can adjust it, the pearls look less shiny but still acceptable, i will add more crystals to decorate the fabric, pour some super glue on a piece of plastic, take the crystals off from the tape, get some double sided tape wrap it on a cotton bud, rub it on skin to make it less sticky, so we can pick up a crystal easily and dip in the super glue, then stick it on the fabric. This is after decoration , That’s another lace crown, i have used the same lace fabric to make earrings in my previous video if you can remember, so yeah, we have finished. I have made three crowns. Now let’s move to white lace crown style eye makeup. I will apply the pinkish colour as transition colour, on top eyelid and lower lashline, then the dark brown from the body shop classic palette, to emphasize out corner of my eye, this palette is one of my favorites, good pigment and this neutral transition colour to blend the colour edges, pink shimmer to highlight middle part of eyelid, this glitter colour to highlight inner corner of lower lashline. Then change into black lace crown style makeup apply the body shop black eyeshadow, very good pigment, follow the wing of eyeliner to lift out corner of the eye, go up little by little, soften the edge connect with lower lashline as well, apply the neutral transition colour again to soften the harsh lines. I will add eyeliner on lower lashline later, and scarlet colour lipstick So finally, hope you guy like this how to make and style lace crown tutorial , thank you so much for watching, i will see you later

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