How to Lift Hooded Eyes Makeup Tips

Hey awesome ones Heather here and I
might look a little strange today because well I used to wear…I have
hooded eyes and I used to wear a lot of liner because I thought well you know
I’m really gonna make them stand out that way. But I found out just the
opposite. So I’m going to show you some of the tricks and tips that I’ve learned
and some of them have been from professional makeup artists. So let’s get
going in this video. So it’s so true that sometimes with our
makeup we get kind of stuck in a rut and I wasn’t even noticing that my eyes
turned…turned? Turning hooded and down turned and droopy and yet I’m still
piling on the under liner and on my waterline and doing the same old same
old. Well when I decided to become a beauty vlogger, a youtuber, I decided that
you know what, I gotta get out there and talk to my old friends that were makeup
artists and go to some of the beauty makeup bars and just not bars but you
know in the store anyway you guys know what I mean. I had to relearn
everything and that’s what this video is all about. You know what? Even after I
learned everything I was still pretty resistan.t I thought…hey my smoky eye is
just fine for the daytime and you know besides it kind of makes me look sexy.
Until I kind of did the you know the one eye and the other eye and then I
realized this isn’t natural this is actually aging me a bit .So let’s go
through the step-by-step process. So settle in and if you’re going to do the
eye test the one and the other just stop and start this video however many
times that you want and hey if you kind of like this video don’t forget
there’s a subscribe button down there and if you click on the bell you’ll be
notified when I’ve got new ones on beauty and hair and fashion and makeup
and all that kind of thing. But in order to have a clean slate I’ve got to start off
with this eye with no makeup in order to show you the techniques. So let’s do that.
So right now you’re thinking hey that ‘don’t’ eye looks pretty good compared to
the other one yeah but what I need to do like this eye here is
actually very unnatural looking. It’s also kind of…it’s it’s kind of aging me
and I’ll show you that in just a few minutes. So I’m going to give you on this
eye the eye opening tips…get it? Anyway okay so I already have my concealer and
everything on so let’s get going. So I’m actually doing the do on my worst eye. I’ve
got a great big age spot here…this eyebrow is a mess and you know what
that’s the best way to show you because a lot of us older women we have things
that go wrong. So i’ve covered this up with concealer and let’s get to the
eyeliner. What? I thought you said no eyeliner? Well i didn’t say no eyeliner.
We just want to make sure that the eyeliner that we’re using is really nice
and thin and this one is by L’oreal. I’m using black. Now I know a lot of you
would say well maybe she should use a brown and yeah I agree but this time I
just want to show you the black and this is kind of like a movable…I don’t know
if you can see it there but the the pen kind of moves up and down and it saves
me from sharpening all the time. So let’s get going on the eyeliner. Now you’re
going to see that I don’t do a great big swoosh like on this one because if I did
I would probably find that I’d have to correct it a little bit and sooner or
later I’d have a big line like this and yeah that was okay in the old days but I
want to do something a little more natural this time. And a little less
aging .So what I’m going to do is I’m just gonna do some little dots. Okay…
dot dot it’s kind of difficult to ruin it if you only do the dots. So trying to
hold the mirror in the right place for you guys too. So there you go
You see the difference in the two. This one is kind of thick and this one it’s
just kind of a nice place for my eyelashes to kind of cushion into so
gives the eyelashes a little bit more depth. So I know I’ve got the big age
mark there but I also want to do little teeny-weeny swoosh…all right. And I’m
gonna get back to the swoosh later and oh by the way if you’re wondering where
can I get these products and what did she say that was again? I’m going to have
the links to all the products that I’m using below in the description and
they’re also on our blog at So there you go. Now for the
bottom waterline right here as you can see I applied the black pencil there.
What I’m showing you also is a daytime makeup. Hey you know sometimes we might
go for the big smoky eye and use a little bit on the waterline. Sometimes
what I do is I use a white eyeliner pencil under the eye. I understand
there’s beige now which would really kind of open the eye but a lot of people
say that you know this is a very sensitive area the waterline and I think
for this video I’m just gonna show you the look without anything at all on the
waterline. So now I get to use my palette for the eyeshadows and I really prefer
to use powder on my eyeshadow. I find that the crayons and that
are a little bit harder to work with but I love this palette from L’Oreal and you
can see there’s all kinds of colors. A lot of well-worn colors in there. It also
comes with an applicator brush with two sides on it. Now because I’m fair and I
have blue eyes a lot of times I can use the beautiful lavenders and purples here
but just to show everybody the color combinations today I’m going with a
neutral side just down here in the browns. alright so let’s start with the
lid of the eye and I’m going to use this kind of brush this foamy one and
I’m going to use a lighter color here and I’m going to use the same color on
my lip…lip..I mean lid as I do up underneath the brow bone and hey the
whole thing about these makeup applications that I try to do for you is
I want you to be able to use like one color because I know a lot of the times
you’re just trying to get the makeup on and get out the door in the morning. So
one color is all we need for this and I’m just going to…hopefully you can see
this…just put a little bit here and how that’s lightening it up there
and a little bit as a small highlighter underneath my brow bone. Now over here I
actually used a glossy or highlighter and what it’s doing is actually even
though it’s shiny it’s bringing the weight of my under brow down a little
bit and helping to close those eyes. So this is this is more uplifting now the
brows on this side I simply used a pencil like this and these are my good
brows these as you can see these are my lousy brows but I discovered something
amazing for my lousy brows and can’t wait to show you. It’s a new discovery
but I’m going to talk about that a little later on in the video. Alright so
back to putting on the eyeshadow and as you can see I have the hooded eyes. It
doesn’t look like I have a crease there however I do have a crease there when I
open up my eyes. So what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to use a lighter
color of the brown right here with this end of the handy dandy brush that’s
inside this palette and I’m just going to open up my eyes like this and check
it out. I have a crease. I have a natural crease right there. So what I want to do
is I want to follow it along from about the middle of the crease and then go
outwards. It’s going to look really bad because I haven’t blended it yet but
let’s go find that there crease. There it is. You can see that I almost have
a darker area there too and I just go along like this and and outwards like I
said you’re saying to yourself that looks terrible, but just wait we’ll get
to some more of this. So I’m just going to put it up a little bit and there you
go. So you can see how I’ve done the lower lash line here but I’m just going
to use a darker brown. This one here. Oh and this kind of brush it’s not in the
palette. Brush like this. All right and make sure you get rid of all the excess
and what I’m going to do is simply kind of go up to this little swoosh here and
go along ever so gently ever so gently that lash line. Now again with the same
brush and the same color I’m going to go into the crease of my eye here so this
is where we kind of camouflage all those wrinkles and things that are forming to
make our eyes so downturned and again just lightly in with the swoosh. So you
can see how it is starting to open up the eye but boy does it look phony. So
I’ve got here a brush. I used to use my fingers but I discovered this brush and
I don’t know what you call it it’s the blending brush it’s it’s absolutely
incredible. I don’t want to be left with this. This looks terrible. I don’t want to
be left with this big round thing here. So let’s just watch this just really
bring it out smooth it up on top there and you’ve got a nice…I mean I know this
freckle is getting in the way but look at how lovely this is starting to look
here. I might just spend another couple seconds just blending it out. So
now it’s time for the mascara and as a lot of you know I really like the Dior
mascara. Dior Show. Kind of pricey though and I have found
the Covergirl Exhibitionist it it goes on beautifully, it comes off beautifully
at night and it’s not smudging underneath my eye. So you know what the
more products that I’m testing out and believe me I’m going to the drugstore
into the makeup counters an awful lot for you guys. I’m gonna pass on…you
know if there’s a savings with something like this with Covergirl. I’m gonna let
you know but just before we do the mascara I will tell you that I do have
mascara over on this eye. Quite a bit of it actually,
but that eyeliner is kind of taking away the whole naturalness…naturalness if
that’s a word of my eyelashes. Now with the mascara what I usually like to do is
put on two or three coats you know in between maybe doing my lips or doing my
eyebrows. And the reason is I don’t want to keep plugging you know blobbing it on
because well it just ends up looking like a big blob. So let’s just put on a
light coat right now and this applies quite nicely it goes on pretty thick. I’m
going to leave my under lashes. I’ll probably just put one coat on that maybe
when I’m doing the third coat on the upper lashes, but let’s get…while that’s
drying a little bit, let’s get to that swoosh that I talked to you about and
again with the pencil you can see I have a natural kind of curvature going up
here with this swoosh here and so what we want to do is we want to just do an
itty bitty something like that. Okay and I’m not talking about the big cat eye.
You know I could do it over here gonna be a big cat eye because when you have
hooded eyes the more you do that the more your hoods come down. It just
gets lost in between here somewhere. I just want something a little bit you
know just a little swoosh there and if you want it to smudge it out
with this has got a great little smudger on the end you could do that but for me
I just want to kind of leave it like that. So as you can see the eyelashes you
can see the eyelashes now it’s more of a natural and it has kind of a lift to my
eyes, but I’m not done yet. The eyebrows and as I said if you’re a woman like me
I’ve plucked my eyebrows but I don’t pluck all these ones out, they just fell
out. So let’s see what I can do with them to give it a more uplifting appearance.
All right so what we want to do is we want to take a…you know this is off of
an old pencil a little spooley or you can use a washed mascara wand and what
we want to do is we want to kind of…oops sorry we want to kind of brush whatever
hairs I have left upwards like this and now for the special super duper thing I
was talking about. It’s the eyebrow stencil. Finally got that out. These come in
all different sizes for you I kind of look like I would like the natural look.
I don’t like the you know those big thick eyebrows, but let me show you and
I’m gonna link these below as well and in our in my blog. So let me show you
what I can do with this. Now there’s all different colors of powders that you can
use. I’m going for a brown and these come you know you can buy these separately as
well and what I do is I just and you can do this real quick it looks like it’s
going to take forever but I just…and it’s done. So I just put it
over to hopefully I do a good job with this because I kind of can’t see what
I’m doing here but I go put it over the brow and fill it in. Ta-da! I have brows
again and it’s got a nice little lift to it and as you can can see this one
didn’t didn’t get shaped at all with a stencil so I’m getting even a little
more of an eye left here on this eye with the no
hairs as I am over here. So the other thing I use is a clear…it doesn’t look
clear anymore but this is a Clear Great Lash mascara from Maybelline. I think it
is and I take this mascara and then I just kind of give it a
something-something by brushing the hairs up and whatever hairs are left are
going to be emphasized. So it’s gonna look like wow she’s got really filled in
brows but it’s just our little secret. Okay
so what do you think? You know it’s not too late to teach an old gal some new
tricks but let’s look at the difference between the two. So first of all let’s
look at this one here. As we can see it’s over done. It’s actually making the eye
look closed more closed in and totally it’s not natural. And then when we look
at this one it’s more it’s it’s more alive it’s more natural, it’s it’s more
like hey I could talk to this person… this person has got a lot of makeup on
and we don’t want people noticing our makeup and and saying wow they’re
wearing a lot of makeup. But you know sometimes we’re just wearing this kind
of makeup because that’s what we’ve been wearing you know for a long long time.
And I had to get out of this rut as well. So I mean everybody be who you are. I
want you to do that but to me this more natural look it really kind of I think
it makes me look more youthful and it’s certainly with that kind of swoosh up
there is bringing the upturn the stencils are bringing the eyebrow up and
yeah…I like it. So I gotta tell you I love being a youtuber. I love bringing you and finding
new ideas, new techniques, new makeup ,new fashion and to all my subscribers out
out there you guys you really are the awesome ones and if you’ve got any other
ideas that you want to share in the comments hey…I found
this that worked great for my eyebrows or I found that. Please just share them
because we’re really kind of a awesome community here. So here’s our little
Yorkie, our little Hurricane and every time that he comes on the scene it’s
time for me to talk about the new videos. And have you…if you’re wondering what
happened to their Tuesday videos, well they’re on a whole different channel.
That’s where we have our travel and fun and food and that’s at So when this video is over you may want to check that
out and don’t forget to subscribe there as well. We’ve got some really great
things coming up and already on the channel like our trip to Paris and
London and all that sort of thing, but on this channel hey we’re getting ready for
some more fashion. I’m going to the beauty bars taking a look at you know
different makeup that I can show to you and I’m really really excited about that.
But next week I did a long-lasting makeup test and I’m talking the whole
face. The foundation, the mascara everything. And I went out…get this…in a
hundred degree weather. I went to a Jazz Festival and how did it all go. Well you have
to tune in and check it out. Oh and don’t forget that every single day I’m
posting on Instagram and I’m even doing stories now. So you just have to search and you’ll find me there. I try to do some inspirational
messages with those as well. So in the meantime until we meet again, you know
what, keep it young, like keep on being youthful and one of the ways that we
stay youthful is we just keep on learning and not only are we learning to
uplift our eyes but we’re also learning how to uplift our spirit and show the
world that we’re keeping it awesome

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