How to Improve Your Makeup & Hairstyling Skills #31

Hi, Sharon Danley here with another Two Minute Tip. This week it’s about honing your makeup and hair skills. What I’m about to say isn’t anything new to most of you if you want to get a look working
well for you you have to practice. Many people find at this stage, as an example,
eyebrows are something that need to be re-aligned, redesigned, redefined, for this age
because our faces change as time goes on. Once you’ve learned what your eyebrow
architecture needs to look like – in other words – what shaping is right for your
face. Learn how to do it and then you must practice it every single day !!!!!
Whether you’re going out or not, they say that it takes 20 to 30 days to hone a
skill. Well this is the same thing with makeup. Many need to correct their lips – where they have to draw up a little higher or a little lower or maybe more
on one side or whatever it’s different for everybody Once you’ve defined exactly how it should look and you’ve got some good coaching and you’ve got
the shape that you want – take a picture and then practice doing it every single
day. And instead of using the Maybelline or a long wearing lip color to practice
with, just use a lip pencil and a regular wax based lipstick. Take it off, put it on,
take it off, put it on. Eyelashes, especially for this age as I’ve said
before, are much easier on your eyes than mascara and curling. However some people
have trouble I’ve put up a few videos on eyelash application in a fairly easy way. The thing is you have to practice putting
them on and when you do it every single day you’ll find that you’ll find little tips and tricks for you that work personally for you will start to emerge and then the more you practice it the
more it becomes entrenched. The same thing with hairstyles. I’ve always recommended that any haircut should give you at least three hairstyles that you can
manage very easily and very quickly. It shouldn’t take you any more than three
to five minutes to do a hairstyle. This hairstyle is an example – you’ve seen this
before – I’ve got a video on it. This takes me about two minutes and 30 seconds to
do. Why because I do it so often and I’ve had this hairstyle going now
since 7:30 this morning and it is now 3:30. I haven’t touched it because I put it
up quick – I spray at the right places. It’s an updo that I can manage and it
looks great and I never have to touch it. There’s times when you need a hairstyle
like that. There’s other times when you want your hair down and flowing but knowing
what the style is – how to manage it – is the important thing and how do you get
there? With practice. And for those of you who get makeovers from the Going Gray
& Lovin’ It facebook page where you can post your picture and I will do a
digital makeover for you – once you have that and I give you the instructions on
how to achieve it, it’s up to you to practice in order to get the look you
want and you can always post the pictures along the way showing your progress and you can get free coaching on how to adjust. So that’s it. like Mama always said and Grandma always said, and your teachers always said – practice,
practice, practice, does in fact, make very good – if not perfect. Thanks ladies we’ll
see you next time

29 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Makeup & Hairstyling Skills #31

  1. Thank you.
    I think you did the hairstyling just for me …..!!
    PS= Your tennis player did well today. Such a pity someone has to lose.

  2. Spot on Sharon, yup, the key is practice, practice ! It took alot of practice for me to get my eyebrows right, I do them everyday, even when I'm not going out……and it's so easy now. Loving your up-do…….thanks for sharing Sharon, wishing you an awesome week-end 🙂

  3. Oh so true —in the last 5 weeks I have put full face make up on 3 times, and played in makeup a couple of times. I set down to the dressing table and think now what? I got compulsive about my eyebrows and as you know is a challenge–well dang have lost the touch! Back to the drawing board! Hugs from Oklahoma

  4. Sharon, any tips for learning to tight line? I use good waterproof pencils and can do my water line perfectly, but when I try to do the upper, it's a hot mess. Thank you!

  5. Love all your tips Sharon. You are so right about wearing false eyelashes. I was afraid to wear them for many years. Practiced everyday using your tips on applying them and now I do not go a day without wearing them.

  6. I'm going to be 70 in July. I really appreciate you make videos. When I try to do my makeup like I used to, it looks overpowering. So I need this softer look.

  7. Hi Sharon, do you have any trick to deal with peach fuzz hairs on the face. Ive heard that a lot of women shave these hairs of every couple of weeks. What do you suggest? Thanks for your great videos. Sue

  8. I am just starting to go grey but I have lots of fine fragile but wavy hair. It gets frizzy easily and I use a blow dryer and straightening iron. I see that you recommend a diffuser and I plan on doing that. I do use heat protection spray. Is there anything else I can do? I do tend to get some dryness and brittleness and in the humidity, it really gets frizzy! Any suggestions?

  9. Great tip about using wax lipstick to practice with! Love your hair and your pretty lipstick. Goes beautifully with the gray outfit!

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