Hello guys, welcome to another video. And first of all, I’d like to explain why I didn’t upload videos for the past two weeks. The thing is that for Halloween I uploaded two videos more. So I took two weeks to, you know, for myself, and actually I wasn’t really in the mood I wasn’t feeling well emotionally, so I didn’t feel up to upload videos, but today I am bringing you this video about eyelashes I don’t know you guys but for me eyelashes is like the most important thing on makeup. I can be wearing nothing but eyelashes has to be there. So I’m gonna be showing you guys the tips and things that I like to do to get the best out of my eyelashes, so if you wanna know it just keep watching. Okay, so we’re gonna do some steps and actually You know what I’m about to say it You know what? I’m About to say it. IDC that you broke your elbow. The best mascara for me and probably for everybody First of all, you want to curl your eyelashes using this and this is very simple If you are scared of using this, then I can show you something that my mom showed me What you need to do is put your fingers this way and push your eyelashes like backwards So when you open your eyes your eyelashes get in your crease so this way is like curling your eyelashes with this but in a more natural and like safer way. You need practice to do this WTF It took me kind of a while actually I do it since I was really small but my mom taught me this and I think it works really well too the Second thing is taking just another powder. I have this one that I bought from a Asian store. It was like ninety cents It’s really cheap, but you can use baby powder also, and what you want to do is you want to apply some on your hand just like these and what you want to do is you want to take it with your finger and apply it on your Eyelashes. It’s gonna fall a little bit, but that’s okay Okay, so now I am going to be showing you the best mascara for me This is the best mascara for me. So far. The thing is that this mascara is from a Spanish Supermarket called Mercadona, so if you are not from Spain, you maybe struggle to find this one. I can show you the brush as you can see actually when you see it you think like this is so useless but trust me is not. I could find this Revlon mascara that actually kinda has the same. Kinda has the same brush as you can see The thing is that I made a mistake and I bought it Brown. I can go really crazy with mascara Like I really don’t know when is the moment that I need to stop so yeah. I know there are so many people who say that you need to apply mascara in a particular way, but I really don’t have one I just do it however I feel up. I think the trick is to open your mouth and make funny faces when you’re doing your mascara just like: Yeah, something like that Using a baby wipe we’re gonna clean all the rest of mascara that we have on our eyelid Okay guys, thank you so much for watching I hope this helped you I truly think that you can use the best mascara, but it all depends on how you apply it I think that you need to know very well your eyelashes This is the best mascara for me so far and all these tricks have worked for me for so long So I hope that you enjoyed this video If you did Please like the video and also you can subscribe if you want it and I will see you guys in the next video 😀

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