99 thoughts on “How to Get Big Hair | Cute Hairstyles

  1. Hey I just made a tutorial on how to get big hair after you have showered!! Please come check it out and subscribe, it would mean SO much!! <33 Brunie

  2. this is easy on anyone with this kind of hair. try getting big hair on fine thinner hair like most people have. they should use a model who has normal to thin hair like the rest of us.

  3. Wow. Outstanding clip. My brother was once an overweight fella. He revitalized his body from 290lbs of pure fat into 203 lbs of genuine muscle mass. I could not believe it! I just joined personally as I would like to greatly enhance my body. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  4. well, the model already has curly and voluminous thick hair.. you should have done a tutorial on how you can get volume on thin hair..

  5. How to get big hair: Find model with biggest, curliest, thickest hair possible. Maybe do a tutorial for the majority???

  6. Ok… she's a celebrity stylist, but really saying boar bristle brush is created for volume? Ceramic brushes are for that purpose, boar bristles are for finish. Hope she meant round brushes (in general) are for volume.

  7. The model reminds me a mix from Daniel preazer and Kim Kardashian (yep I don't know what's her name :p )

  8. The model is lucky enough to have hhuuggee hair already. Should show it on people with flat hair naturally

  9. How to make big hair on a big hair.this model has everything you need for that.I wish she picked someone with more challenging hair.fune, flat with no natural volumen.

  10. Lmfao it's not fair how a model who already has big hair, is being used.. How about using a model who has thin hair? Would the same technique work then? Probably not, smh. I naturally have alot of hair and can gain volume easily but seeing how there's people here who don't is what makes me realize how this video wasn't very helpful. I'm NOT hating, I like the tips and all but someone with thin hair should of been used because that's where most of the people here have.

  11. Haha, they should use me! I have extreme thin straight hair. You cant even put a ponytail in it without falling out. They should stop using models with thick hair. 

  12. I thinks it's great to see the model really listening to what she is saying like you can see she really wants this

  13. I have long straight hair and I am unable to make any kind of hair style neither I wanna spoil my hair by using different chemicals help me to manage such hair

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