How to Find the Perfect Makeup Vanity Table

Today we are going to talk about vanities!
Now…what exactly is a vanity? It’s really just your own personal space, where you store
all your accessories, put on your make up and check yourself out. They became popular during the Art Deco Period
of the early 1900s. All of the Hollywood actresses of the time were photographed with their vanities.
They were the epitome of glamour and luxury. I never had a vanity when I was a kid and
I always wanted one… so this is a dream come true! I got this vanity for my birthday.
I found it on Etsy. It’s got wheels on it. I love the mirror with the little flower details.
It kind of represents me. You know? The color, the style. I just love it! I use it for storing my make up, all my hair
accessories, my nail polish and everything related to nails. Over here on the left I store
my warm headbands, and my fancy jewelry. You could score a more affordable vanity at
a store like Sears, Urban Outfitters, PBTeens or even Amazon. Of course you can also find
more ornate and super expensive vanities, depending on your budget!! When looking for your perfect vanity… here
are some things to consider: First, The shape of the mirror
How many drawers it has The style of the chair
The material and color And of course how much space it takes up Does everyone need a vanity? No… But it’s
good to have that special space that is yours alone. Tell us about your vanity? And comment below!
This is Marisol, The Fashionista Chica telling you to keep it Trendy!

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