How to: Easy 3-MINUTE EYELINER Tutorial for Hooded Eyes – Beginners Guide (LEGENDADO)

I used to see other girls with eyeliner and thought it looks so beautiful on them why it doesn’t look that beautiful on me and then I found out yeah because I have hooded eyes hey guys welcome to my youtube channel its Méuri here and today we are going to talk about eyeliner for hooded eyes yes I know it can be kind of tricky to use eyeliner and to have hooded eyes because most of the times they just don’t fit but today i’m going to show you an eyeliner that you can do and it’s going to be beautiful on you and it’s still going to enhance the beauty of your eyes but this is just a suggestion you should do however it makes you feel happy because when you’re happy from inside you look beautiful from outside it’s true and if you want to know how I did this natural makeup look except for the eyeliner and i’ll put the link here no here not wait yeah i think it’s here right so the product i’m going to use will be this one from L’Oréal called gel intenza eyeliner pure black and to apply i’m going to use the brush that comes with it and then i’m going to put a tape to use as a guideline very close to the eyes since we are talking about hooded us i will make a line as close as possible to my eyelashes and very thin and i like to do it in small sessions to make a good-looking eyeliner you have to practice you won’t be able to do it so from one day to another it requires practice and patience and of course you also need a thin brush another important thing is to make your hands steady by arresting it somewhere or your elbow so your hand won’t be like flying the air I also like to apply a little bit in my inner corner too so it’s going to make my eyes to look longer now you’re going to make the wing and that’s the reason we put the tape I make a line following the tape as long as I want and then I connect the wing to the rest to do it so you need to start a little bit before the wing line ends and you’re going to make kind of a triangle and then you just fill in the gaps inside and after you take the tape that’s how it looks I hope you like this tutorial if you did please don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and don’t forget also to subscribe so you want to miss any videos that i will be uploading and if you have questions or comments please just leave them in a box below see you next one, bye bye

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