How to Draw Cartoons – Cute Lipstick – Makeup & Cosmetics Tutorial Fun2draw Art

hey everyone this is mei yu the creator
of fun2draw some of you viewers have been requesting for more fun2draw
makeup and i think i’ll be fun to draw a cute lipstick this is part of my fun2draw girly
cartoons playlist the only two that is at the end of this
video first I’ll draw a curved line like that and then i’ll draw another bigger longer
curve at the bottom so there’s going to be a slight distance between the two
curves well draw sides coming down from the top curve here and then I draw the sides for art we have these yeah little corners ok and from these corners all drawers one yeah and for the bottom part keep it really nice and curved like that
to make this drawing look more 3d we’ll worry about the face later let’s go up in here draw the top part of i’m drawing a line
going up and then I’ll draw a line going off at an angle and one more line and
that’s going to be going right back down I’ll draw a curve inside here like that
to form the flat part of lipstick and of course because i want this color to look
really nice shine a little highlight it kind of looks like a little exclamation mark right now for the face I’ll start with a
smile and address the base this here’s a big curve above the curve
for the belt and the bottom lip is let’s get it under eyes toward your
cheeks I’ll draw the fun2draw eyes there’s the leaf shape of the eye I’ll draw one more curve inside to make the
side of the eye and shaded this yeah yeah I made that part a little bit thicker
and let’s draw the people I’ll make it look up towards off and
highlight shade in if you’re one of the viewers have been requesting for this please let me know in the comments below
you can also please share what’s your favorite shade of lipstick I
think my favorite shade is ok i drew three curved triangles for some thick
eyelashes and let’s draw the other Fun2draw eye there’s the leaf shape ok one more curve to make the side of the
eye yeah ok and take shape in the eye i’m going to start really dark near the
top of the eye so right underneath the highlight everything is going to be
really dark and as I go down I draw these lines and the lines will get
shorter and shorter yeah ok yeah yeah and after you’re done drawing this you
can check out my fun2draw channel on youtube to see my other cute drawings
like my fun2draw nail polish my perfume or my cute peace sign do you remember your first time putting
on lipstick please share in the comments below I’ll
draw how she would put on lipstick for the first time coming up in the extra there we go I’m glad lots of viewers
have told me you’ve purchased my fun2draw apps and my fun2draw food apps
and that they’re helping you with your drawings for those who don’t know these
apps are the only places where you can see how I would draw and color
never-before-seen fun2draw characters and fun2draw food they make great holiday and birthday
gifts you can draw with these fun2draw apps wherever you go at home school on vacation or places
without wifi links to download my apps are in the video description for
more information check out my furniture app demo video playlist the link is coming up now

58 thoughts on “How to Draw Cartoons – Cute Lipstick – Makeup & Cosmetics Tutorial Fun2draw Art

  1. The first time I put on lipstick, I got it all over my face! I tried to take it off, but I just smeared it even more!

  2. ha my friend is a fraud she drew this from you cus i get mad. when someone draws better than me so i thought she copied something so i was right beat that Scarlett

  3. Wow about a year ago i want to draw stuff so I searched up drawing videos and i found this and a whole bunch of others ones of urs and I know i realize that it was u but know i know

  4. dear mei yu…….
    i am a big fan of you and your beautiful drawings always encourage me to draw it…. this really helped me to improve my drawing skills…….and today i won inter school competition……. thank u…….

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