17 thoughts on “How to Do Vampire Eye Makeup | Halloween Makeup

  1. Hahahahaha I commented before the video started. Based my previous comment off the thumbnail… Guess I was right.

  2. im sorry this is very gay. Whats with the shiny glitter? He looks like hes go to be a zombie or something lol. Horrid jobw ith the blood too. Needs to make it drip. Even bela lugosi looked better than this!

  3. Come on guys, i mean, who really cares about these guyses sexual orientation, the title says vampire eyes, and he did just that, if you have to critisize for something critisize him for the crappy makeup if you dont like it but i guess hes the one on the vid and not you so can you all please just shut up?
    Being gay is not an insult; and I'm a female teenager who likes boys, so…

  4. TO RUDE COMMENTS: Stop sitting on your asses and criticizing these men. Instead, make a "How to" video and make your time more productive. I'd rather learn something from you than hear your criticism.

  5. Internet warriors commenting all over these makeup tutorial vids. You'd think "this is gay" would get old after a while, but I guess not.

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