How to do a Cat Eye Look for Hooded Eyelids | Makeup Tutorial Ali Andreea

hi everybody this is a very handy and in
this tutorial I’m going to show you how to achieve a cat eye look even if you have
hooded eyelids like I do. I find my method to be very easy so if you want to
see how I achieved this look then please keep on watching first moisturizer I
will use this all in one egg mellow cream I’ve been using this and last week
I would say I don’t see any special things that it doesn’t just moisturize
my skin very well but normally my skin there gets very very oily in the center
of my face it does not happen when I’m using this cream even though it is very
moisturizing this is from too cool for school that’s the amount that I use I don’t know if it’s my skin but this
cream is like very easily absorbed into my skin it’s like my skin has been
looking better lately if you want me to do a skincare routine please comment
down below and I’d love to do that too so many of you have been asking an
affordable foundation and I’ve been also receiving a lot of requests on doing a
review for the Revlon Colorstay I’m using the colors two-five-zero fresh
beige I have used this foundation when I was like 18 19 years old when I started
working in television this was the only foundation that we would use it didn’t
have a pump like it has now which I find it amazing it used to be you know with
the cab and you always had to squeeze the product on your hand it would be
really messy I’m so glad that they have decided to put the pump because I’ve
used it so long ago and for so many years I haven’t tried it lately right
now it is the first time actually that I’m going to be using and for that I
will take my trusty Beauty Blender dammt I feel this is my color I remember
back in the days when I used this it was like nail polish like where you put it
when you move I feel hope it’s good I’m impressed with the coverage very
good coverage Revlon amazing job if you’re looking for
a drugstore foundation medium to full coverage this is it after concealer I’m
going to mix two colors from Tarte cosmetics one is lights and if you and
the other one is like me you you have to put the tiniest amount because this one
is very thick okay and I will apply this concealer which left
on my Beauty Blender on my Isis as well do I actually bear saying that Revlon
Colorstay it is the drugstore version of Double Wear from a staredown do I dare
to say you know me and my powder now I’m nasty a translucent loose setting powder
and this time I’m going to just go night I’m not going to use the Beauty Blender
I’m not going to bake I’m not going to baby bake to make sure there is no
product at creased into my wrinkled make the funny face at mandatory so you take
just a little bit of powder you tap it on the back of your hand or everything
I’m going to focus on my chin area just put a light coat of powder and then you
can go on with the bronzing powder and I’m using hoola from benefit and my
favorite bronzing brush is a 24 – not a Beverly Hills brows the only line on the
face I give you expression so make sure you contour them with the right shade
and in the right shape I’m using honest a few Beverly Hills brow powder duo there’s one now you can see the
difference in my brows so for me the powder is everything I need it lasts
very long especially after I’m using the clear brow gel I like that in this video
I’m going to show you how to do the cat eye look soaked as you age your eyelids
are not of course the same and you know you got to work with whatever you have
even if I don’t have the perfect eyelids for for eyeliner for that really nice
sharp eyeliner I can still make my eyes look a little bit like a cat eye sort of
a look and for that I’m going to use this palette cat eye from Too Faced it’s
very cute I mean look at it and I’m going to start by using cancer
using a sigma and you see that’s a pretty small brush this is a sigma e21
and I’m going to spritz a little bit of whatever setting spray you have I happen
to have this one from Urban Decay empty and I’m going to take just a little bit
of product and the trick is not to move the shape of your eyes not to move your
eyelids don’t do like this don’t do like this okay just look straight into the
mirror stay the normal self okay and place your eyeshadow regardless of your
skin even if it’s you know it’s falling down a little bit you just cross over it
pretend like it doesn’t exist so you see when I raise my eyebrows it’s not
perfect okay now I’m going to raise my eyebrows just to fill in this bases so
these spaces actually showing me where my my lid is actually folding just the
way I am very relaxed with my eyes I’m going to do like a v-shape in here you
see again if I raise my eyebrows doesn’t look amazing so now I’m going to fill in
the gap so now I’m just pressing the eyeshadow
at the base of my lashes very very close to the roots of my lashes I decided to
do this with eyeshadow and not with the eyeliner because I find it so much
easier so much forgiving when you get to the inner corner make sure that your
line is very very thin you might want to use a brush like this make an indigo
brush that is normally for eyebrows and actually you know what I think I’m going
to switch just do pressing motions okay so you take the product and you just
press it at the red at the base make sure there are no like white spaces in
between I don’t know if you can see but like from the middle of my pupil you
start to to get to make your life a little bit thicker just a tiny little
bit of everything so now I’m going to sort of protect this line using this
brush which I find it amazing it’s not as sharp as a knife but you got to do
what you got to do now the fun part is do the same thing on the other eye even
if it’s not exactly the same as long as you don’t look totally you know awkward
it’s fine you can always take a q-tip and perfect
that line I’m going to use this color Leah part and I’m going to take a sigma
it’s a 21 so there you are now you have like a
very elongated almond sort of a I I don’t know if you see but I’ve put a
little bit on the waterline as well not just at the base of my lower lashes but
also a little bit on the waterline next I will use this color here oh god I love
this I’m just going to take a little bit of this color I should have done this
before the black and that’s actually a very good palette for a cat eye look I’m
going to use the same color on my brow bone and now I’m going to use this color
– 1 9 – so brush from Mac taking that color and I’ll place it just here first
time like a fire again my very first time using better than sex mascara and
here it is first impression let’s see what this bad boy can do man this is
heavy I’m impressed actually to face where
were you on my life I’m going to place this a little bit on my lower lashes
mostly at the end of my eye on the apples of my cheeks I’m going to use the
backup blush tiger light Lily I’m using a hakuhodo
b11 seven brush another product that I’m using for the first time this is the Too
Faced melted Matt oh this is pigmented oh mine can I use this with a brush
please because it’s too much color for me I’ll put this on the back of my hand I did not expect this color but what do
you guys think I I’ve never tried anything like this before I like it
I do not like it straight from the applicator because I feel like it’s too
much product and so bright it’s so pigmented so that’s why I used it with a
brush definitely mad but comfortable you know I feel like I could use some
highlighter and I’m going to use this one from Bobby Brown
it is shimmer brick compact color beige it actually looks like this I’m going to use the Koko lashes in the
style 503 these are very natural very easy to apply if you are a beginner
actually recommend you to use these duo glue the best I’m using the black one so
this is not a huge difference eyelashes look a little bit thicker again I’m
going to finish my makeup using the all nighter setting spray this is going to
make your makeup last for long it’s no joke so here it is the cat eyes look for
hooded eyes I hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to comment down below if you
would like me to do a skincare routine if you like this look give me a thumbs
up if you’re not subscribed to my channel please make sure to do that
before you leave and and follow me on instagram snapchat in facebook if you
want to know more about makeup skincare just beauty in general thank you so much
and I’ll see you next time bye come on come on today oh now I’m going to go
with a bigger brush home not a crazy amount of color myself in Ultima used to take a crazy
motherfucker laughing turn you lose nine they’re doing and all give you and in
this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create and in this tutorial well I’m
going to hide a fast and set the stores to plant down nitrogen visit your

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