How To: Diffused Eyeliner Tutorial – Denika Bedrossian

So I’m gonna start off by showing you guys
a really basic and pretty and easy eyeliner. I’m gonna use a retractable pencil and a small
pencil fluffy brush. This is gonna give a really soft finish, and
it’s also buildable. So let’s try. I’m gonna take the pencil, and I’m just gonna
dust it across the lash line. I’m going in small sections, just to assure
that I don’t over apply anywhere. What I’m gonna do now is just take the fluffy
brush and just start to buff it out. This is gonna give me a really soft finish
with no sharp edges anywhere, and it’s very buildable and easy to do. If you do eyeliner too thick in the front,
it will automatically close up the eye and make it look smaller. So you always wanna start thin in the front
and progress your way out, even if you’re gonna do smokey. So I’m taking whatever’s left on the brush. I’m not applying any extra product, and I’m
just blending it up into the lid to assure that there’s no sharpness anywhere. This is gonna give me a very soft lid, where
it almost looks like eyeliner, but it almost looks like shadow, so you’re a little unsure,
but it’s there. So when you’re working on the bottom, you
have two options. You can go in the inner waterline, right through
here, and this is a really great pencil for that, because it sticks to anything that is
moist. So this is gonna give you a dramatic finish
without it being too heavy at the bottom. Although it’s in the waterline, I don’t want
anything sharp, so I’m just gonna take whatever’s left on the same brush and just smudge it
up and out, ever so softly, hardly touching the skin. So let’s say you wanna take this now and make
it a little bit more dramatic, but you don’t wanna go too, too heavy with the wing. Take the same pencil and start to go from
underneath the lash line and upwards. This is gonna go with her eye shape, because
I’m going from under rather than above. So I’m just gonna go over it a few times,
just to get that really dark finish, and when she looks down, I’m able to pull this up just
a hair and bring it in through the crease. I’m gonna take the same brush and smudge it
up, in through the crease. This is gonna give me more of that smudge-y
wing, a little bit more romantic. By not adding anything to the brush and just
using what’s on it, I’ll never have that harsh smudge anywhere. I can work with what I have on the lid and
make it just perfect as I keep going. I’d rather do a million little smudgies than
go in with something harsh and make it too dramatic right off the bat. So with this look, we started off really soft
and natural, using a retractable pencil. We just dusted the lash line and buffed it
out with a fluffy little pencil brush. Gave us that really soft daytime look. We jazzed it up for night by adding a bottom
and pulling it out on the edges by giving her a little bit of a smokey wing without
it being too harsh, no sharp lines, and a really soft finish.

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