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Everyone it’ Rachel and welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to be continuing with my minimalism series video and the next one I’m going to be showing you is my make up desk obviously if you didn’t get that really intro Now I know a lot of people who are right into minimalism Don’t wear makeup a lot of the time They just seem to keep it really simple And you know powders of Mascara and not much else from what I’ve read on their blogs and all that sort of thing um But I like to wear makeup So I have to figure out how to store it and how to get rid of it when I have too much Now recently I just did a little makeup [Col] where I got rid of some of the things that were all some of things? I don’t use anymore I’ll show you guys how I do that and then how I set up my story what I’ve been finding works best for me if You enjoyed this video? I’d love if you would subscribe to my channel and give it a little thumbs up it means so much help get my channel out there and Let’s jump into it. So I got these trestle legs from Ikea, and then this is just a flat wooden table top You can get the from hardware stores I don’t want to make any mess on it So I’m just going to put down some paper towel before I start sorting my makeup all over the desk now We’re going to pull out Everything um a lot of you guys will probably learn a lot more than I do I try to keep everything a bit pared back if you’re a makeup Junkie this videos probably not for you This is about reducing your collection So just go ahead and shock it everything onto the desk Now I have these containers on my desk as well one for Bobby pins and the other one is just for cotton pads so if I find any bobby pins, I’m just going to track them into that container as well, and Now I’m going to pull out all my brushes and just pop them into a storage container that I got from ikea The containers is just a couple of dollars You need to make sure that [you’ve] got one that’s tall enough for your brushes as well, otherwise you must squish them Okay, now you can see I’m going through and sorting out what I want to keep and what I don’t I had three Mascara store Them were old and nearly empty, so I just got rid of those I do not want that crazy purple shimmery Powder anymore So getting rid [of] that, and you’re just going to go through and figure out will you wear things again? What are you going to wear them with like what? you know what makeup look you’re going to put that in are you ever actually going to use it again and just [go] through there and figure out what you really really need and what you don’t Now that little bag. I just keep all my utensils and tools in there like tweezers, and that sort of thing now We’re going to ask yourself is it usable so has the product gone off? Do you feel attractive when you wear it and can you use it regularly if you bought something for a halloween costume Once probably not a good idea to keep it. You don’t need it now This is what I managed to reduce my makeup collection down to and I’m just going to go through with some Disinfectant and clean everything because for some reason my makeup always gets dirty Is that just me or does that happen to everyone there seems to be stuff always all over the containers? And look at that. That’s my one lone nail polish. I have one nail Polish color. Oh Yeah, I hate painting my nails and Now I have another one of these round containers And I pop all my round things in there so like powders and bronzes that sort of thing I always tried to put them in normal containers, and I was like hang on Rachael They’re round put them in a round container I don’t know why I didn’t think this until a couple of weeks ago, but you know what we have it now Feel free to steal that idea And next up these two containers that I’m using they’re also from ikea so you can get them in a bunch of different sizes I Just really needed one tall one and one slim one and we’re going to play Tetris So you’re going to start putting things in? What you’re not using as often put it down the bottom if you’re using it pretty regularly make sure it’s standing up or it’s in A reachable distance because otherwise you’re just going to mess up the container all the time I find it’s really relaxing to do this as well like pull everything out and just re-organize it Okay, next up. I’m just organizing everything on my desk so hair products that I use regularly I’m just going to pop them on my desk So there’s a lot of toni & Guy themes there so your hair spray dry Shampoo all that sort of thing then I’ve got my little plants and The Candle Holders here, they’re from freedom The round mirror is from Kmart and the mirror. I’m putting up now is from Ikea and That’s it It’s all sorted the little bag with my tweezers and scissors and things that just it’s under my desk, and we’re Done I know you’re probably cringing about how much makeup I got rid of The small size who managed to get it down to but just feels so much better. I Thought it really helps to only keep things that make you feel Attractive and positive it’s really good about yourself. that was making Decor easier You’ll feel a lot better inside, and that will help you think better and just it’s refreshing just hold onto things that feel good for you to keep and That’s what I try to do all the time when I’m calling my possessions It was so good to finally do that to my makeup. I haven’t done that [in] [a] long time Anyway, I hope you were able to get something out of this video And thank you so much for watching I’ll see you next time

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  1. I love that you're cleaning off the exterior of your makeups. I do the same thing! I always thought I was kind of crazy for it because I never see anyone else do that.

  2. Wow.. The amount you downsized to was more than what i had before i downsized! I mean no harm of that, it just really intrigues me. My makeup consist of liquid foundation, powder foundation, concealer, an eyebrow pencil, two very small palettes for eyeshadow (10 shades in total), an eyelash curler, mascara, and a nude lip liner. I think it's very interesting to see what other people's collections of makeup look like, because i don't have a large collection myself nor do i want one. It has a great deal to do with the fact that i don't like brighter/darker lip colors and usually opt for a lip balm or nude, and i don't use eyeliner. That said, you ROCK! Your collection is enviable, especially since you obviously look good in all of it.

  3. You can totally be a makeup junky and organize, downsize ect. Look at some makeup artists! 😄 I have a storage box for makeup I don't use but may need in the future for either myself or clients. I'm not as organized as Rachel but I'm getting there

  4. I have very little makeup compared to you haha! Like wow look at all your lip products! I have eight eyeshadows, an eye primer, a powder, like three lipsticks, a mascara, a lash curler, and three makeup brushes 🙂

  5. could you do a makeup "collection" video where you tell us about the products you have and your thoughts? i'd love to hear our opinions and recommendations!

  6. OMG you are my new favorite person! Thank you for making that video! I feel you are very sincere and not just an advertising tool. LOve you!!!

  7. it looks very nice but I don't think it is very convenient when you have to use it every day and empty the boxes every time you need something of the bottom…

  8. I love this I'm trying to go the minimalist route myself. Your desk is so inspirational. I already subscribed darling and liked your video. I wanna do the 30 day challange.

  9. Does anybody else have trouble culling their perfume and hair product collections? I never know what to do with the things I don't like anymore. I hate using up my old perfumes, but I don't know what else to do with them.

  10. Your videos are so inspiring. I saw this video and went on a massive makeup purge. I got my makeup down to 1 BB cream, 1 foundation, 1 powder, 1 mascara, 2 eyeliners (1 liquid, 1 pencil) 2 blushes (1 I'm thinking of getting rid of) 3 eyeshadow palettes, 3 lipsticks and 1 lip gloss. Not to mention that I love wearing makeup and I wear it everyday. I love playing around with different looks and by mixing and matching what I've got, i can create many different looks. I also could probably cut it in half again except I need certain makeup for dance performances such as certain colours of lipsticks and a variety of eyeshadow colours. I love having a smaller makeup collection and it feels like such an achievement when I finish a product. Thank you for your constant inspiration and motivation! xx

  11. im a perfume junky and some of them i never use trine get rid of them but I'm kind can't let go plz send help lol

  12. this is your prettiest face ever. I mean I love how your hair and that glow and wavy, so sexy! Btw, am watching ALL of your minimallism vids over and over again just to write it down and doing it on my own. Good luck babe, lots of love from uni student ;')))). Xoxo!

  13. I just came across your channel and I love it! Im currently decluttering my entire apartment and getting rid of things I dont need but it was really nice seeing that you dont have to get rid of everything because I LOVE makeup! Cant wait to see more of your videos!

  14. Hi Rachel, just found yr channel. I have 5 children who have now all moved on, and I find yr videos really inspiring. I am so enjoying having my house the way i want it to look without extra clutter from 5 other people in the house.

  15. Hi Rachel, just found yr channel. I have 5 children who have now all moved on, and I find yr videos really inspiring. I am so enjoying having my house the way i want it to look without extra clutter from 5 other people in the house.

  16. thx for the video.. please what is the reference & brand of the lipstick you're wearing while doing the video? it looks gorgeous!!

  17. hello Rachel, I am French and I like very much your videos. This helps. Could you please tell me where you bought the blank box in which there are cottons for removing your make up. I hope my english is correct. Thanks for answering. Elise

  18. It's awesome to have everything stuffed in smaller containers to clear up space but you'll have to pull it all out again. Do you ever get frustrated when you're short on time?

  19. Wow, I don't consider myself minimalistic yet, but I have a lot less makeup then you, glad to know I'm on the right path

  20. I keep my makeup in a plastic shoe box divided up into 6 sections picked up from the dollar store. One for eye liners, mascara, primer, eye shadow brushes etc. Another holds my blushes and highlighters. 3rd holds my single eye shadows. 4th section has my primer & cc cream, 5th had my concealer, finishing powder & bronzer. The 6th has random things I want to remember to use more, like samples from ipsy and a couple of lip glosses. The only makeup things are a extra powder in my purse and few lipsticks, and 4 urban decay palettes, those tuck on the side. I don't have room for a desk, so this goes into the bathroom closet. I've got a second plastic shoe box for my hair products, brushes and straightener. I've been doing it for 6 years and find it makes getting ready a breeze!

  21. The most important thing I've taken from the few minimalism videos of yours I've watched so far was holding on to things that make you feel good. Thats a great point to make. I'm going to slowly work towards decluttering. Thanks for your tips!!! <3

  22. You have a lot of lip gloss or lip sticks in tubes (black lids) that look like science test tubes. Can you please tell me what brand of lip gloss these are? You have a ton so must love the brand, and I have never seen these! Thanks XOXO

  23. WOW that is a lot of makeup … my makeup + brush collection can and does fit in a dopp kit, now that is minimalism.

  24. I'm working towards a minimalist lifestyle for 2017 but I'm having trouble with my large makeup collection lol. Maybe it'll just have to be my guilty pleasure 😅

  25. Are those actual candles in the background at the end of this video?
    They look real, if they are not and did you get them?

  26. Thank you for your videos, you are really inspiring. Can you tell me where the black makeup bag is from? I love it 🙂

  27. I actually require a great brush because I wear make up almost daily, and I discovered what I need here
    It have a perfect texture (truly soft) and fantastic quality. Its quite difficult to discover a excellent brush in my place, so I really pleased with my brush since it has free shipping. My look for a brush is finally over, you need to buy for yourself too!

  28. you're stunning. u rocked that black hair so nicely. I have natural super dark black hair and I wish I could style it as good as yours.

  29. I used to be a total makeup hoarder. I'm serious more than 20 tubes of lip gloss, around 45 matte liquid lipsticks & some more random lip colors, be it a pot or a regular tube. Around 5 BB creams, concealers, foundations, blushes, pencils, shadows…. You name it, I had it..And the weird thing is, I am not aspiring to be a makeup artist & nobody needs this many products. I had even bought an Alex 9 from ikea to store all of my junk. (Im not even getting into skin care, hair, lotions, nail polishes etc.)… Thanks to youtubers like you, I now only have the makeup that I use every single day. 5 shades of nail polish. and i stopped stocking up just because it was on sale (except for toothbrush, mascara and shower pouf, because they need to be replaced very often so I always keep an extra two of those)….IM SO HAPPY NOW & I'M ACTUALLY ON MY WAY TO MINIMALISM. VERY SIMPLE BEDROOM WITH NOTHING ON SURFACES. NO USELESS CLOTHES OR SHOES. NO OLD NECKLACES AND BRACELETS AND ALL THOSE CHILDISH CRAP…. IM SO HAPPY… THANK YOU ON BEHALF OF ALL ASPIRING MINIMALISTS 💜💜💜💜💜

  30. I think I'm going to take your advise and declutter all the make up I don't use. I have 2 full containers and honestly, I don't reach for it all that often. It just makes sense to not have things taking up space when you don't use it.

  31. I agree, I find it super relaxing and de stressing for me to pull things out and re organize. I do it about once a week but I am also still in the process of getting rid of things. Right now I am at the point where I have gotten rid of most of the things I won't use but am afraid to get rid of more but I'll get there.

  32. Its very imortant to see that minimalism isn't all about having no makeup and using diy cleaners. Lets glam it up!

  33. Could you do a video about what you do with things when you get rid of them? I don't necessarily feel guilty about not being able to own an item anymore, I feel guilty about throwing it away or not knowing how to recycle something. Your videos are so beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  34. This is a great video – decluttered my own collection after watching! I was wondering where your black pouch/bag was from? X

  35. I have two Tupperware containers for my makeup. One for face and lip products and the other for eye makeup. I only own four blushes one cream the others powder, one foundation and one mascara.
    Kathy B.

  36. I think it's perfectly reasonable to wear makeup and be a minimalist . I respect the choices of people who decide to no longer take any effort in their appearance sometimes to the point of not bathing or wearing deodorant anymore ( although I do wish that they would take into account that their personal choices affect those standing in an elevator next to them, and noseblindness is real) but most of us just aren't that person. I think the key to a minimalist makeup collection is removing duplicate items.. whether that's in color or brand.. and using products for more than one purpose. examples: you only need one mauve lipstick, pick the one that you love the most . you don't need five different brands of lip liner unless they're separate colors completely from each other, pick the one that you like the most and get rid of the rest . most face and eye products are interchangeable …so bronzers make excellent matte eyeshadows and vice versa ( my favorite Contour in the world right now is an Avon eyeshadow, my Holy Grail there is nothing better highlighter is a Stila eyeshadow, I have a L'Oreal Lumi bronzer that I can wear all over my face and eyes and it's gorgeous). I find that I really don't need both foundation and concealer.. at various points in my life or seasons in the year I've gone for one or the other depending upon how much coverage I want . even if you decide you do need both you don't need five different ones pick the one that works the best for you and get rid of the rest of them. Really honestly you don't need more than 2 of any color product warm and cool or light and dark. brushes go right along with the rest of it.. I have a total of about 10 brushes that I use.. That's everything. it takes me less than 5 minutes to wash them . for skincare Etc most of the time the most basic things work better than all those options they try to sell you. my skincare routine involves oil, petroleum jelly, baking soda, and a washcloth… and my skin has never looked better. I have naturally curly hair that's down to my waist and almost 90% of the time I use one conditioner…about once a week I use a shampoo to wash my scalp. I do not use any styling products I simply put more conditioner into my wet hair. my hair has never been better. there is a learning curve to figure out what products are best for you and your individual hair and skin , and it's usually not the one that's popular, that everybody is raving about …for example my Holy Grail conditioner cost $3 a quart and it's by TRESemme.

  37. If you stack all your round compacts like that you're going to have to dump out the entire container every time you want to use anything. it's much more efficient to put them flat in a single layer in a skinny drawer or something.

  38. She could have kept her liquid lipstick upside down in the cylindrical container so that she could see the lipstick colors and the compacts can we kept in that white drawer

  39. this is my 22 nd day with your videos and LOVE TO PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH! thanks. (Like your word "CULL"… I had not used it much before. (Also your word "CURATED" WARDROBE… so not JUST advice we learn from you!

  40. putting all your powders and bronzers in a cylindrical cookie tin can seems cumbersome and counterproductive.. also your brushes need to breathe 😊

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