How to Create a Lighted Smart Mirror | Sandblasting Demonstration

Today, I’m going to show you how to sandblast a Smart Mirror so you can add sweet lighting to your mirror. Here is the finished product once you blast it and put lights behind it! Hi, I’m Amanda with Two Way Mirrors! First, I’m going to show you how to sandblast on both glass and acrylic. Then, I’m going to show you how to add lighting and touch capability to your mirror. We’ll hook it up with a Raspberry Pi, Retro Pi, and MagicMirror 2 software. What type of smart mirror project are you working on? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! We uploaded 2 more videos just on sandblasting. If you guy want to check those out, make sure to click the link in the description. Lets learn safety To start the Sand Blast Project, we need to put on some gear. Then we are going to head out to the shop and talk to our sandblast expert, John. Hi John, Whats up? How are you doing today? Im good, How are you? Do you want to sandblast? Yeah, what do you have in mind? Im thinking a smart mirror, dielectric, Lets go pick up the glass The first will be Smart Mirror? One for the front, and one for the back? Two Way mirror You got it Awesome Lets go! So with sandblasting, you can do any design. Any shape you want, and you can do it free hand or you can order the templates. online. You can buy the templates from Micheal’s, or you can design your own. And you can send it to a sign shop and they can cut it. Cut it for you. Which you will use down the road for sandblasting. So lets give it a shot right now. First of all, You need to make sure the glass you are working with is sanded from all the edges top & bottom so you don’t cut yourself. Just use basic idea That you can mask certain areas. And of course you can change it to anything you want What kind of designs have you done? Its custom order all the time So it varies We have pumpkins, we have skulls. We have frame, its up the client. And now we cut it And that one is ready for sandblasting How does sandblasting work? First of all You have to have the right material to sandblast the mirror The best one of the market that you can use is Alumium Oxcide. Your gonna need the tank, air tank hoses and of course your gonna need the gun for shooting the sand and you will need gloves and for sure a full mask cover to cover your eyes and neck. Just to be on the safe side How long is the process? It depends on the design. A simpole deign can take maybe 5-10 minutes and a harder design will take longer. It varies. okay Apply the same Right now we have the two way the front and the back So as you can see This is two way this is the front and this is the back and you always wanna make sure that you apply hard pressure on the masking tape that will prevent the sand from getting underneath and that can ruin your sign Make sure the air is gone every inch And you cut it So after you finishing all the masking and deciding what design you are doing you need to make sure the area you want them sandblasted, these are the areas that will be naked. They will not have an masking tape. The areas you want the mirror to show, this is where you will blast so you need to make sure. What you gonna need? Gloves Full face mask Sorce of air pressure 3 gallons the gun to sandblast the material We tried all of them, and the only one that works is this one. Nothing else will wokr. So lets hook it up Fill the tank Do you see how I am locking it on the sides? Yeah, I can feel it. More? That should be enough. Now what? Hold This Then there is a safety, Now its locked The idea is to finish it then use the sunlight reflection, okay? Oh, okay Ill hold it for you I did not think you did it like such a thick layer. Let me see Yeah, but you can see its kinda fading a little bit so we have to stay for a couple seconds Then use the light as the guide. Apply more and if its enough If you applied more, you won’t damage but if you apply less. Its not going to be enough So does this coating ever come off? No, None. And there is another way you can do this. By using acid like, for itching glass. That would work on most of the glass but its not going to work on the mirror side. If you guys enjoyed the video, make sure to give it a big ole thumbs up if you guys wanna see more content from us, make sure to hit that subscribe button Pow

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