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Hi guys! We just want to say thank you so
much for all the feedback that we’ve gotten on the type of videos you want to
see. This one by far is our most requested video today we’re excited to
share with you some of our favorite tips and tricks for how to conceal dark
circles and under-eye bags. So let’s get started.
So the problem that I deal with with under eyes is more eye bags. So after I
have prepped my skin. However you choose to prep your skin whether it’s tinted
moisturizer foundation, a BB cream; this product is going to go on after you do
that step. So instead of like an under-eye moisturizer I would use this.
This is called Dr. Brandt No More Baggage and I would just put a little
bit underneath pat it underneath the eyes. And it really helps to smooth that
area out a little bit. It has a little bit of a peachy tone to cancel any minor
discoloration and this is kind of my first step to getting rid of those
under-eye bags. Now the issue that I actually deal with is under eye circles
and the product that I like to use is something called a color corrector. And
what color correctors do is they actually help to cancel out the blue and
the purple-ish tones that are underneath your eyes. And this is also a product
that you would want to use after your moisturizer or after your foundation
depending on how much makeup you’re wearing for the day. So if you have fair
to medium skin your gonna want to pick a peachy kind of tone color corrector and
if you have medium to dark complexion you want to pick a color corrector that
is Orange. So step two for me is concealer and this
is a big one. This is when I’m really going to hide those under-eye bags
so I like to use this Tarte shape tape. And the reason I like this product is
because i have an oily skin type and I really need something that’s long lasting.
This is a pretty full coverage concealer and I like to use it with a
damp Beauty Blender and just push it right into the skin right underneath my
eyes. As well as a little bit on the eyelid to get rid of the bags as well as
any discoloration. This comes in a variety of colors and basically you want
to choose a shade that’s about one shade lighter than your foundation and this
really helps to eliminate the look of bags and brighten up the eyes for any
eye makeup or products that you’ll be putting on. And for me because I have a
little bit of a drier skin underneath my eyes, I like to use the LA girl Pro
conceal high definition concealer. This one is also a medium to full coverage.
However on days when I’m wearing little to no makeup I’ll actually pull out the
Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Roller or the
the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. And these ones have a more sheer to medium
coverage. So definitely concealer is something you should have in your
regimen if you are going out and you have issues whether it’s with
bags or under eye circles. Absolutely I feel like concealer for me
is honestly if I could pick one must-have product it would probably be
concealer because it really makes a difference in opening up the eyes and
brightening up the face. And that’s really all it takes to conceal under eye
bags or dark circles. Give it a try I’m sure you’re gonna be
happy with the results. I promise you it’s a game-changer. Absolutely so we
hope that you guys found this video to be helpful Kelli and I were actually
discussing possibly doing a video on tips and tricks on making your makeup
last longer so if that’s something you guys are interested in seeing let us know. If
you like this video please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe
and we’ll see you next week

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