How To: Clean your Makeup Brushes In The WASHER & DRYER!!🤔(2019)YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS!!!!|A.Maree

welcome back to my channel it is your
favorite girl A.MaRee thank you so much for stopping by
my channel as you can tell in the title you guys I am on to something so you
know that little video that’s been blowing up on Instagram about the baby
doll machine wash machine and the Beauty Blender well it got me to thinking and
after you know my girl E.Michelle being in my ear I was like you know can you
really wash your brushes in a real washing machine so if you guys wanna see
if you’ve really worked that way then stop what you’re doing right now I hit
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experience was really interesting to you girl I really really really truly want
to give myself a reason to throw my brushes in the washing machine and wash
my thousands of brushes in one cycle this way to me is going to dog down the
time-consuming of Washing versus like you gotta give this video a like right
now if you hate washing your brushes but you love to use them so we’re gonna jump
off into the video I just wanted to give you guys a quick intro and yeah let’s go
like lets get right into this video alright you guys I know this angle seems
a little bit crazy and I know you’re like what is that A.MaRee what the f is going on okay so
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hashtag d4lgang okay okay you ready you ready let’s jump back into the video
yeah so I have a pillowcase right
I have my makeup brushes right all right right music okay so I have all different
size brushes I have dirty brushes I have blending brushes at super dirty brushes
like big thick brushes okay okay we’re gonna tie her right up make sure its secure make
sure she’s right okay so we drop the brushes in there right
now you guys we’re gonna get our baby drift we’re gonna give baby drift and
sorry if you guys see my kid in the background
I can’t get him to be quiet for nothing I done asked him multiple times and he’s
still won’t let me be great so we fill her up to the five we’re gonna pour it in all
right you guys we’re gonna tell it on cattle yeah
gonna time you it are warm mm-hmm we’re gonna put it on medium one one one rinse
is fine no pre-soaked is cool and we’re gonna press Start and I’ll be back to check with you guys
just to show you guys the office with oh my god yeah yeah yeah okay I’m gonna
stop being so excited I’ll be back all right you guys it is
done it’s done and it’s a lot let’s take a peek-e-peek what do you guys
think do you guys think it would be clean do you guys think the tape will be
dirty we got a whole right here all right look they’re not one single brush look
at this now one single brush you guys is freaking and the most crazy thought about it you
guys I tested this out already on some brushes that I was like you know what I
can purchase if I mix them up and I also throw them in the dryer and you guys it
freakin worked it freakin works look these are my good brushes these are my
pick brushes look at they’re all kind you guys I think I’m onto something
so now I’m gonna throw them in the dryer and I’ll let you guys see that
once the buyer is staying with these bad boys we’re gonna put it on more dry well
you know what let’s go with less dry in between I’m gonna go in between there no
fabric softener no nothing and the dryer is going I’m gonna go ahead
and load into the washing machine you guys I think this is the new best way to
wash my brushes didn’t do so well so forget on casual one prints no soap
starts oh my god have you ever thought to try this before this is like the
number one thing that I will be doing from now on everybody came out like
everybody came out still surviving and still rocking I lost a few soldiers but
it wasn’t nothing that I was like oh my god I can’t believe I just missed that
for sure it wasn’t nothing like that I really
truly will be doing this from now on I don’t think this will be like every time
I need to wash my brushes but if I accumulate all the brushes again and I’m
just dreading to wash my brushes I want to do this again I didn’t see anything
wrong with it they smell beautiful they came out clean they almost came out
cleaner than I thought and you got oh my god did y’all see me put them in the
dryer here come on come on I want you guys to test it out
and just come back to this video and comment down below let me know what you
think for anybody with sensitive skin make sure to get the drift newborn
laundry detergent and use that instead of your normal and laundry detergent
because I don’t know if you guys are like me but I like since it laundry
detergent so make sure you do get the drift y’all good and when you put your
brushes in the dryer you guys don’t worry about no dryer sheets or nothing
like that it’s not really close we’re washing and drying okay so I hope you
guys enjoyed this video let me know what you think down below y’all let me know
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experiment I know you guys should enjoy this video and hopefully you guys will
stay tuned for the next videos to come but until next time I love you all don’t
forget to keep shining and I’ll see you guys in the next one you

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