How to clean makeup brushes at home quickly + Best cleanser!!

hello hello hello welcome to my channel
my name is Chantsy and thank you for stopping by I was filming this makeup
look and noticed that some of my brushes started to have fall out and then I had
little hairs all over my face so I decided to do an impromptu makeup brush
cleaning video today’s video is all about how to clean your makeup brushes
we are going to use some products today that’ll keep your brushes clean keep
them nice and it’ll make them last Super duper long because they’re well
maintained so the highlight of today’s video is
this bad boy right here it’s called Brush your sins away detox brush
cleanser and this is from Hoppy and Poppy it’s a vegan and cruelty free sort
of like a soap bar for your brushes for the purpose of this video I’ll be
cleaning my most used brushes using this hoppy and poppy brush cleanser if you’re
curious about what ingredients are in this brush cleanser I’m gonna read the
list now so it does have a minty smell and all of these ingredients are put
together this way so that it Detox’s your brushes but it also leaves them
silky smooth and I’m gonna show you a brush in particular that has been saved
by this product so if you guys want to see how it’s done please keep watching
what you will need to clean your brushes is some kind of cleanser in this case
I’m using brush your sins away by hobby and poppy you can also use a mild
shampoo but I find that it doesn’t quite hydrate and moisturize the bristles of
the brush like this guy I pulled all the brushes that I use quite regularly and
this one in particular had the fall out so I’m hoping to revive it again and
then just a towel that we’re gonna lay all the wet brushes on the first thing you want to do is wet
your brush and also wet the soap so what I usually like to do is I’ll just dampen
the brush and then do spiral motions in the soap so this not only cleans the
brush but also wets the soap as well so what you can do is do the spiral motions
on the bar of soap under the water which is great but may use up the product very
fast the other option is to do it in the palm of your hand or where your
fingertips are and the third option is to purchase a silicone pad that helps to
clean brushes you may find that you have to use the soap a few times to get all
the gunk and grime out of the brush I do find that brushes that I use most often
like a blush brush or bigger brushes like a brush brush tend to keep a lot of
product in the bristles so you might have to do this cycle two or three times
when you see that the brush is basically clean and free of any color you want to
keep rinsing all the product and all the soap out and then squeeze all the excess
water as much as you can by reshaping the brush in its original form when
you’re done just lay it flat on a towel to dry I just want to point out that when
you’re done cleaning the brushes the best thing to do is to shape them in the
shape that they’re supposed to be in and then this way they’ll dry nicer and then
they’ll just stay nicer for a long time I wanted to also point out that this is
the brush that just got really ugly over time I’ve had it for a long time but
there is some kind of beautiful moisturizer in this soap that has
definitely revived the hair in here and the brush has gotten a whole lot softer
every time I wash it your brushes will take about 24 hours to dry and when they
do they might stay in that stiff position that you kind of put them in
before they dry so the best thing to do is just fluff them back up and they’ll
come back to normal if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up leave
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product that I should be using also don’t forget to subscribe and to keep
watching more of my videos bye we’ll see you next time

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