how to clean makeup brushes – طريقة تنظيف فراشي المكياج

Hi, today I am going to tell you my method of how to clean makeup brushes? You can find a lot of makeup brushes cleansers in the market, personally I used Mac cleanser, but the smell was really strong as it contains disinfectant, also I tried makeup forever and inglot. Honestly inglot was the cheapest and the smell of the cleanser was not very strong. Though there are a lot of products in the market but still you can use a lot of other things you can use that are cheaper and handy I have seen a lot using olive oil, but personally I don’t advice using it as it is really thick, strong and hard to rinse. Instead I like to use Bamboo oil from Kendi it is actually a hair product that helps hydrate the hair. Also I use lifebuoy hand wash as it has antibacterial agent that kills all the germs and bacteria that are accumulated in the brush. The procedure: If you are using a brush cleanser the easiest way is to pour the cleanser in an empty glass and put your brushes inside, you will notice that all the shades and colors are dissolving. If you want to use the cheaper yet effective method, mix the lifebuoy cleanser with few drops of the oil then clean only the bristle as shown in the video. At the side you should prepare a bowl with little water in order in rinse the bristles of the brush after you are done cleaning it. Mistake to avoid: Do not let the water touch the brush handle, you need to know that all the bristles are glued together at the base of the brush, having water frequently touching the brush will loosen up the glue and you will notice that the bristles are falling down. If you want to clean the handle simply use makeup removal wipes. Going back to the brushes I cleaned with Mac cleansers, I always dip the brush in water after using the cleanser; again if you need to clean the handle just wipe it with makeup remover wipes. Hope you like the Tutorial and I will see you soon

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