How To Clean Louis Vuitton Bag In 5 Minutes! (NEVERFULL HANDBAG)

hi everyone today we’re going to talk
about how to clean louis vuitton bag in less than 5 minutes
you can get this in a variety of colors and shapes however the cleaning is all
the same people ask me how do I keep my bag so nice I have had this for a year
now and I wear it every single day I’m not even over exaggerating it is my
everyday bag now I have some tips and tricks on how to clean for it how to
clean it and also how to care for it so let’s dive in how to clean first of all
you’re going to want to make sure that everything is out of the neverfull bag to take everything out I will talk about this later but it is the best investment when
it comes to your louis vuitton never full handbag now that we’ve done that
with in full items on hand to help us clean the bag first off is a nice clean
rag or towel of any sort and this will be used to wiping it down some lukewarm
water it’s got it in a bowl and a dry towel or rag for after and a lint roller
for when it comes to cleaning the interior so you want to get your dry
clean rag and you want to just drop it in the bowl of water wherever it is you
get the waterfall and make sure that there’s no excess so it’s just a damp
rag or towel so you want to get the handbag and just wipe it in circles on the neverfull handbag now I like to be a little thorough on
the bottom just because obviously that’s where it spent a lot of its time great
someone sweetie but wipe down the bag itself we’re going to then go on to the
straps and we’re just going to do circular motions at the bottom and then
just ring the middle of the damp cloth around the edge of it
now if you have a monogram on in your bag like so you want to make sure that
you’re extra careful because you don’t want any of it to come off unfortunately
for me when I got it down in the store something happened and a bit of it
flaked off so I’ve got to be extra careful just to ensure that I don’t lose
any more of my a great and then just grab the edge and
grab the back and then just pinch it and then just go around the top of the bag and then we’ll do the sides great once you’ve done that you’ll put
the towel down and you’ll grab your damn your dry towel marek whatever it is
you’ve got in hand as long as it’s clean that is key you great so I’m really happy with that so
that is done so we’re just doing a light clean on it obviously if you’ve got some
spills or stains on there I would recommend going and getting it
professionally cleaned or taking it into your closest Louis Vuitton store to find
out what alternatives you have to get that out and but yes today we’re just
doing a light clean on the back so now let’s dive in and do the interior now as
you can see my bag like I said I’ve had it for a year now and with it being the
light pink it does stain easy but overall it’s actually in really great
condition the reason being because I have one of
these now this is like it this isn’t a bag organizer you can get these online
and it’s just great you can just chuck your wallet in there can chuck
everything in there and obviously any dirt food whatever falls in it it comes
in on this and it doesn’t actually damage our pride and joy so we’ll grab
the lid bowler and we’ll just roll the edges once you’ve done that you’ll just grab
it and mold the back and just like that with them what you
can do is if you feel like this isn’t doing enough you can get some tape and
wrap it around your fingers and press into the edges and like into the groove
where it folds and that will help pull out any extra dust today I’m not going
to do that so I don’t think it needs it but as you can see we’ve got quite a lot
of dust off there now when it comes through caring for this bag now I use
this every single day so I don’t really put it in the dust bag however if you’ve
got one you’ve got one of these which is a Louis Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton dust
bag so if you’re not using the bag I do suggest putting it in here and that goes
for any bags so I would recommend depending on how often you’re using it
or if you’re putting it away in storage for a while to definitely put it in a
dust bag and that will just make sure that it’s safe and while it’s there also
if you can with these bags you should allow them down if you have the room or
I’ve also got a trick to keep the straps up as you can see I haven’t used the
trick in a while a very good so I’ve burnt check to help keep the straps up
another great way of caring for your bag is investing in an organizer so as you
can see I’ve just got this little organizer here it keeps my wallet and
everything in there the good thing about this is anything that spills or it’s
dirty or food or anything like that it goes in here so as you can see I’ll take
everything out it’s pretty filthy so this has saved all this getting stuff at
the bottom of my bag and getting stuck in here it’s definitely an investment to
get one of these I reckon if you’ve got a big bag and you want to make sure that
it stays safe these work a treat I mean as you can see I’ve got pin marks on it
I’ve got this oh it’s just a mess I don’t even a he’ll get so messy I swear
I’ve never really have that much in my bag but while we’re at it I’m gonna give
them inside of my bag their organizer I clean great it’s nothing fancy but hey
it’s better than having this dirt and the stains on the actual Louie bag and
just like that we’ve cleaned your Louis Vuitton duffel handbag now please feel
free to subscribe and like for more videos like this it’s been
having you guys on board thank you

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