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Hi IT Girls, I’m Marissa Pawlowski Director
of Education with a Cosmetics when it comes to makeup brushes it seems like
the options are endless right with so many brush choices how do you
know the right brush for what you need that’s what this video is for helping
you understand the difference between brushes and how to choose the brush for
you now there are three things to consider when choosing your makeup brush
surface density and shape base the least qualities you can choose a brush that
will give you the results that you want but remember there’s no correct brush
right this is not choosing the brush that works for you so let’s start with
surface a brush with more surface area means that more of the brush has full
contact with your skin giving you fuller coverage a brush with less surface area
will give you more diffused coverage heavenly luxe flattop buffing foundation
brush number six it’s flat so more of the brush surface is touching your face
heavenly luxe complexion number seven this is a domed surface so the less of
the brush is touching your skin at one time you’ll choose heavenly luxe flat
top number six if you want fuller coverage it is great to use of the
sweeping motion for full coverage fast for for even more coverage you can use
it the stippling motion where you Pat or press into your skin this brush can be
used with powders or creams and it is perfect with celebration foundation for
when you want that 30 seconds to flawless looking skin now your heavenly
Lux complexion perfection number seven this has a domed surface area and it’s
going to give your skin airbrushed diffused coverage it’s best used in a
buffing motion where use small circles and you’ll see a well blended diffused
look with this shape a liquid or cream product is really perfect and you’re
going to get your best results especially if you use something like a
crow favorite CC cream next to consider when choosing your brush is density
how many brush hairs are actually packed into the brush a brush with shorter
bristles and a densely packed brush head will give you fuller coverage a brush
with longer bristles and a loosely brush head will give you lighter sheer
coverage but how can you tell you can do a squeeze test where you squeeze the
middle part of the brush to see how the bristles fan out if the brush air fans
out more easily it’s a loosely packed brush if the brush
hairs don’t fan out as much it’s a densely packed brush heavily
skinned cc+ skin perfecting number 702 is a densely packed brush and will give
you fuller coverage you can use this with any foundation where you want that
fuller coverage creams like CC cream or powders like celebration foundations
heavily luxe wand ball number 8 is a lightly packed brush it will give your
skin soft sheer coverage and it’s perfect for your setting powder like cc+
airbrush perfecting powder or to use with bye-bye pores powder whether you
choose the loose or the pressed version then there are the brushes with the
unique shape that serve a purpose all their own giving you the opportunity to
customize your application experience here’s the heavenly luxe flat top
buffing foundation brush number six and the heavenly skin skin smoothing
complexion number 704 both brushes have a flat top surface and similar density
giving you similar full coverage but one is angled and one is not it’s all about
your personal preference heavenly locks number six this works so well blending
out your foundation evenly over your skin heavenly skin number 704 with this
custom cut angle is great for reaching the small crevices of your face like
right underneath your eyes and on the side of your nose also there are brushes
specifically shaped for a defined purpose heavenly luxe French boutique
brush number four is custom cut to perfectly hug your cheekbones and the
density of this brush also lays down the perfect amount of products you can’t
overdo it when you apply your blush with this brush and it is perfect for your
powder blush like bye-bye pores blush the heavenly lux you sculpted contour
brush number 18 is custom cut to hug the curves and contours of your face to
define your cheekbones and to line your jaw the shape of this brush with that
medium density allows you to apply and blend evenly
every time and it is perfect for contour and highlight products like you sculpted
thanks so much for taking the time if girls I hope that this helps you
discover even more ways to enjoy it cosmetics and if there are any beauty
tips or tricks that you want to learn if you have questions on how to apply
certain products leave a comment below and we’ll make sure to read them all
make it a beautiful day a girl

16 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Makeup Brush | IT Cosmetics

  1. This video was very helpful, thank you for sharing that with me. It was very helpful for me. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I love IT cosmetic❤️- Debi

  2. Very helpful, thank you! My favorite Foundation brush is your Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Buki Brush…I love it!! <3

  3. I enjoyed this. When I bought my CC cream from QVC it came with a pointed dense brush that doesn’t really work well. How should I be using that bush with the CC cream. It seems like an odd choice for foundation. It’s also in my travel brush set I bought from IT so it must be a common foundation brush.

  4. I'm a boy, and I love It cosmetics. Just to looks natural and have flawless skin. So makeup doesn't have gender in my opinion. 💙

  5. i bought the ball brush from sephora, its not as densed as i expected but it is the softest brush ever next to my artis brush 😚

  6. I think the one and only brush I have from IT Cosmetics, so far, is the Star shaped one. pretty cool. I preferred it to the heart shaped one.

  7. I have skin perfecting complexion brush No 22, it was not mentioned in your video, does IT Cosmetics not make it anymore?

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