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One of the biggest request I get as a make
up artist is people asking me what would be the best look (??) for me. And I always tell
people there’s not (??) as one shade of lipstick, that’d be perfect for you. There’s multiple
shades, there’s multiple textures. But what I always tell my clients they need to do is
figure out what they feel comfortable wearing. So I’ve got a couple different options here
in my hand. I wanna talk about them. From a texture stand point, from a colors stand
point and then you can take that information and go shopping with it and pick out a couple
new colors to try out. Down here in my hand, I have 2 different reds. One is a blue red.
And the other is an orange red. And both of these can be worn by the same woman. It’s
really a preference of what you prefer. But it’s just to know things (??) orange in them
(??) to make her teeth look less white. If they’re not perfectly white. Little red then
we’re forgiving. And so therefore if you really want your taste to be bright and your smile
to be, it’s best, you should probably go for blue red. Which would be the (??) one. But
something else that makes this bottom red unique and one of my favorite colors is that
it’s completely mat. And mat colors have no shine. So they’re very classic, you know,
you don’t think about people from the 30s and 40s of having glossy lips because gloss
wasn’t invented yet. So that mat lipstick, it’s something kind of a throwback. So they’re
very pigmented colors that dry on the lips. They’re cool without adding kind of gloss
over them. But they’re definitely statement lipsticks. So if it’s that person who likes
to do things that are bold and very confident, mat lipsticks are for you. Up here on the
top of my hand, I have the lipsticks that are better student for somebody who either
A, has not a lot of lips going on which it’s okay. I don’t have many… I don’t have the
fullest lips either. If you don’t have very full lips and maybe you have beautiful eyes
and you like to play up your eyes a lot. You’re gonna wanna go with something that’s softer.
You know, something that’s a little bit less bright and then also something that’s got
the texture that’s more sheer. Or maybe even like a glaze. Enough of them called this lipstick
a glaze. Because a little bit of your actual lip color will show through when you put it
on. You don’t really feel like you’re wearing lipstick. It’s almost like wearing a little
lip gloss. So for the more (??) check, these 2 colors are for you. And if you like to go
bold, you’re gonna wanna stick with somebody fun mat pigmented colors. No matter what,
just remember make up washes off at the end of the day. It’s so you should play around
and try a whole bunch of different lipsticks. Just remember to start with priming your lips
so your lipstick lasts and always use a lip liner and filling your whole lip if you want
product to stick and stay in all places. Otherwise, you’re gonna have a couple drinks and you’re
gonna have that ring around your lips so only your liner’s left. And that’s not hot. So
have fun ladies. We’ll see you next time.

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