How To Apply SMOKEY EYES Step By Step

Hi everyone, this is Bubbly J. In this video
today Im going to show you how to do smokey eyes. Lets get started. An angle brush, flat eye shadow brush, a fluffy
eye shadow brush. We start by applying an eye primer all around
the eye socket area. Typically one would apply a foundation and powder first but I usually
start doing makeup with the eyes. Im now going to take a charcoal black eye shadow and do
it in the middle of the eye lid and blend it out nicely. I then take a jet black eye
shadow and apply it on the outer corner of the eye. Using a natural brown eye shadow
I start blending in at the crease of the eye to create a transition between the charcoal
black eye shadow and the brown eye shadow. This will intersect both the colors giving
it good gradiation.Since this is an evening look, Im going to use a really shimmery highlighter
in the inner eye corner and blending it outwards towards the natural brown eye shadow crease.
To highlight the brow bone Im using a eye shadow that is less shimmery as compared to
the one I used in the inner eye socket. Im going to use the same charcoal eye shadow
that I used in the center to lay right under the waterline and blend it inwards. After
which I use a black eyeliner inside the waterline. I use a black gel liner to draw over the eye
lid and the mascara on the upper and lower eyelash. I use the makeup remover to remove
all fallouts and repeat the same eye shadow technique in the other eye and move straight
into doing my foundation. And we are done. This is Bubbly J. Thank you
for watching.

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