How to Apply Professional Makeup : Using Makeup Brushes

Brushes are really really important. For your
eyeliner you want a really thick, stiff stiff tiny brush. You want it as stiff as possible.
You don’t want it to give at all as you are lining the eye. Contour brush, you want
it to be smaller than a blush brush and angled to where the brushes come in at an angled
point so that you can get the hollows of the cheek and everything. Really contour the straight
angles of your face. The blush brush you want to be not as big as your powder brush but
bigger than your angled contour brush. You don’t need it angled; it can be fluffy because
you’re just working in a circular motion going upwards. And you want it to cover the
entire cheek. So if you can put your brush like that and smash it down and it covers
the entire apply of your cheek you’ve got the right blush brush. As far as your powder
brush, you want it to be really big and fluffy. It doesn’t necessarily need to be angled
because the more bristles that are on it the more product you can get on it without looking
clumpy. So you just want something big that you can get your entire forehead with you
know in one swipe. You’re bronzer brush is going to be biggest, huge big fluffy brush.
With brushes you really do get what you pay for. I usually use Mac or something, I mean
you really there is a quality difference between what you pick up in a drugstore versus the
department store end brushes

18 thoughts on “How to Apply Professional Makeup : Using Makeup Brushes

  1. I think it's hilarious how she's talking about brushes, but yet in all the videos I saw her do she used a blush brush and her fingers oh and a sponge… Uuugh I think her friends told her "you're so amazing you should do videos for expertvillage uugh

  2. It is weird the way you hold the brushes… dont you feel it uncomfortable??? And also everything, your fingers, your wrist, your hold arm looks xtrange, in a funny position to do a make up work! That's another reason that makes you look very unprofessional…

  3. can you guys tell that shes pissed that she has to use the brushes they gave her thats why shes all like yeah i normaly use mac

  4. omg she's a bitch, and the make up looks like shiit. i use mac not the ones at drug stores…a brush is a brush, and the ECO brushes that they sell at drug stores i like 10x more than the MAC brushes, they're softer and last longer… lmao

  5. It was very informative and I learned a lot. I specialize in hair extensions and sepcifically seamless hair extensions and clip on hiar extensions that you can do yourself.

  6. I love these videos. They are really relaxing. The models looks like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the other girl has such a relaxing voice. Girls, you need to start your own Youtube Channel!

  7. When she was contouring with bronzer she said you needed the smallest brush possible, now she says the biggest brush possible? Jesus make up your mind woman.

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