How to Apply Primer | Makeup Tricks

I’m going to talk about some of the benefits
of primer. First, I’m going to start by applying it to
the middle of the face. Right now, I’m using the Makeup Forever HD. This is actually a blue tinted primer. Basically, the tint of blue is going to brighten
her skin tone. Primers come in a lot of different shades. The blue, like I said, brightens. I also have a green one here which corrects
redness. I also have this one which is a deeper, more
rich tone and that actually is going to darken any type of foundation that you have, or just
give yourself a little more color. Say, you’re feeling a little dull or sallow. You want a little more color, you want to
look a little more tan, but not putting a darker foundation color on your face, you
could add a little bit of a darker primer, and there you go. So, yep, I’m just using my fingers, applying
it all throughout the face. This one, specifically, is a water-based primer. There are two main different types, water-based
and silicone-based. I like silicone because it really smooths
out pores. The main function of a primer is to minimize
fine lines and pores, and increase the longevity of your makeup. It really makes a huge difference if you do
apply that. The other kind of primer would be a water-based
primer, which I suggest more for oilier skin types, acne prone skin types, just because
the silicone can sometimes kind of seep into those pores. You don’t really want that if you’re breaking
out or you’re a little bit oilier. So, we’ve applied the primer to half of the
face now. I’m going to continue applying to the other
side. Like I said, there are different color-correcting
types of primers, but there are also plenty of other primers that you can use. I also love primers with radiance. If you like that kind of dewy, sun-kissed
J.Lo. glow type of look, you can use a primer with radiance. I love the Lauren Mercier one. There are also primers that have skincare
properties. I know I have one that corrects dark spots
overtime, which is really nice if you have any issues with pigmentation. So as you see, this primer has just brightened
her skin up so that when we put the foundation on top it’s going to look a little brighter
and her skin is going to look a little smoother. The next type of primer I want to talk about
is actually eye shadow primer. The one that I’m using right now is Urban
Decay. Eye shadow primer is amazing. It really, really increases the longevity
of your eye makeup. It increases the pigment so that it looks
a little darker. You won’t have to use as much shadow because
it really picks up that pigment. So I’m just kind of, once again, using a finger,
applying it all over the lid. You really want to make sure since eye shadow
primers are a little bit thicker than the ones for your face that you’re getting it
very evenly across the entire lid. This is great for people who have oilier lids
and find that they get creasing right here of their shadow. You use such a tiny amount for both eyes. There are other eye shadow primers, too, as
well. I know I have one by Tart, which you can use
360 around the eye on the top lid and also around the bottom. Say, you have concealer that creases as well,
you can use it both places. That one, the Tart one also has kind of pearl
essence so it brightens the eyes too, which is nice for dark circles under eyes. But these would be my top tips for primers.

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