How To Apply Nail Polish / How To Paint Your Nails Tutorial

hi everybody! today I have as promised my
tutorial on how I apply my nail polish my previous video is my nail care routine
I would suggest watching that video first because when your nails are
properly taken care of it’s easier to apply a nail polish I will put a link to
that video in the description box down below now let’s start with this tutorial first I always start with a base coat I’m using Duri Rejuvacoat number 1 a base coat helps protecting your nails from getting stained by the nail polish
and makes sure that the nail polish lasts longer there are of course also base
coats for making your nails stronger for filling up ridges and many more so grab
the one that you need if you want me to make a full video all about the
different base coat options let me know when the base coat is dry I’m going to
apply the first layer of nail polish I’m going to put my brush a little bit above
my cuticle then push the polish towards the cuticle and then sweep it all over
my nail this way the nail polish already creates that nice round shape near the
cuticle but it doesn’t touch the skin so doing cleanup is much easier the polish that I’m using in this video
is the Deborah Milano Formula Pura number 8 now I’m going to wrap my tips so
the polish lasts longer and your manicure looks better you do this by applying a
little bit of new polish at the end of your nail and of course I’m applying the
second layer now I’m going to do cleanup with acetone if you want you can also
use nail polish remover but I prefer acetone I’m also going to use this
drugstore eyeliner brush just dip your brush in the acetone and remove the
excess nail polish now I’m going to apply this Sally Hansen topcoat a topcoat makes your nailpolish lasts longer and gives
it a glossy look of course there are many different topcoats as well if you
want a video about that too let me know in the comment section down below I hope
this video was helpful for you let me know what video you would like to see
next and please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already I really hope to
see you in my next video bye bye

14 thoughts on “How To Apply Nail Polish / How To Paint Your Nails Tutorial

  1. If you don't want the skin around your nails to get painted, you can apply one of the following to the skin.

    1: White School Glue/Elmer's Glue/PVA Glue.

    2: Liquid Latex. (Don't use if you have a latex allergy)

    3: Tape.

    4: Peel Off Nail Polish

    5: Liquid Palisade. (About the same as the latex.)

    6: Wrap A Paper Towel Around It.

    7: Apply Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly.

    You can purchase these items online or in stores in the beauty/makeup section.

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