How to Apply Mascara without Getting It on Your Eyelid Youtube

hi my name is Melissa Van Dijk and i’m going to show you how to prevent mascara messes on your eyelids so let’s get right into it step 1 take your mascara and then use a flexible card or piece of paper which you can hold behind your lashes step 2 take now your flexible card or your piece of paper and put it behind your lashes in front of your brows and really close to your lashes and now take your mascara and brush it upwards towards your card or piece of paper like this and now you will need to let it dry so don’t look up directly otherwise you will have some little dots on your eyelid so this is just a way how you can prevent it I hope that I could help you with this little trick and thank you so much for watching if you liked this video please give me a thumb up or let a comment below you’re welcome and then if you like to see other videos this will be right here or if you like to subscribe to my channel which I would love this is right in the corner and I will see on my channel bye

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