How to Apply Makeup for Women of Color : How to Pick a Foundation for Black Skin

First step to using the right foundation.
Now I don’t know if you have ever seen any pictures of yourself where your face is kind
of white and your neck is a lot darker, that is cause you are wearing a foundation with
sunscreen. The sunscreen tends to reflect light and get you that nice ghostly effect.
For women with color I really love the Armani line, they have a great choice of colors and
all the make up is meant for photography. So you are going to look great on that special
day. The best way to choose a foundation is to take 3 colors that are close and your range
and swipe them on the side of your skin. Now you just want to let it just set for just
a minute, blend it down, and then you can see which one fits your skin tone. It is very
apparent, not something to light but you want something that blends right in to the skin
tone. Like this number one is blending in, the number two is a little too dark and the
number three is way too dark. So right foundation you are on the right way.

28 thoughts on “How to Apply Makeup for Women of Color : How to Pick a Foundation for Black Skin

  1. @lightlyFUN some of us womenARE dumb about makeup hence why according to tony matterhorn 'she face brown and she whole body black' it just so happens that the expert is white point is she is an expert and is advising jane public on proper makeup choices

  2. This is all so silly, everyone is coloured. Im white, so that means Im a bit of cream, pink and peach, and turn purplish when I exercise! And black girls can tan in the sunshine. And Oriental girls skin colours range from a whipped cream to a custard tone. Either no one is a person of colour, or everyone is. Lets just enjoy the vid and use the tips, whatever our 'colour'.

  3. is all this necessary? black people have always been known as "people of color" is that a big deal? were not the only people of color, but thats nothing to have a heart attack over. now she is just trying to help because it's hard sometimes for us to find the right foundation. now you guys need to shut up, grow up, and get a life.

  4. @kidmover you could argue that point (quite effectively, in fact) but i think it's rediculous for me to call myself african american when all of my ancestors aren't african. i've got a lot of native american in me (well on my mom's side i'm part kanienkehak and i'm not sure which group on my father's side) my great grandfather was portuguese, and i'm part scotch as well. all of those are a lot more recent than my african ancestors, and i feel like if i claim one group, i'd have to claim em all.

  5. @nubiantigeress after all, why should i ignore such a huge chunk of who i am by claiming only my african ancestry? that's why i like saying i'm black. that way i can ignore EVERYONE and not feel bad. lol. this little tirade means nothing, but i have a couple of papers and some tests i need to study for that i'd really rather not. you can ignore this.

  6. @kidmover meh, i don't necessarily LOVE it. i'm not ashamed of it per se, but it is what it is, you know? i don't feel i can truly claim anyone past my great-grands because i don't feel that connection. i'm american (though, honestly, i can't say i'm always proud of THAT)- that's what i am. i'm not african or portuguese or kanienkehaka or anything. (though, i'm strongly considering expatiotism. japan is awesome!)

  7. @kidmover besides, with the influx of people who are REALLY from africa coming in, is it really fair for me to claim it? wouldn't that make it confusing? but it IS fun watching everyone else try to figure out what to call us. did you see the last census? they actually put 'negro' as an option. LOL! stupid bureaucrats!

  8. @kidmover yup! i don't know if i'm related to anyone from the kush kingdom for real, but it would be cool. besides, my other choice was 'ikickpuppies' but that seemed a bit mean, doncha think?

  9. Some of ya'll are crazy IT IS JUST A MAKEUP TIP!!!!! What did you search to find this video black women?

  10. Thank you for having a real woman of color! some other artist have light skin..they forget about the lovely DARK skin that we love

  11. @sugajarr dont trip they age quicker than we do and theres no need for us to have a chip in our shoulder we have natural beauty and if they really bother you then look for something that doesn't have the white person in the picture cuz in this culture we are growing up in, and that part of it will never change

  12. @girlygangster519 no it isnt lots of people i know say beyonce has black skin shortened to meaning she has the skin complexion of a black person even though beyonce is fair its in the black complexion category

  13. I find this really silly…I finally decided to respond.I'm amanda and this is my BEST friend…the guys who produced this video decided what to call it…she's fine with it being black. For all of you who complain it's poorly lit…well I did it because I wasnted footage for a demo reel.It was not in some professional studio.For all of you who gave me props thank you! I love doing makeup and I love hosting a s well and wanted to combine the two:-)

  14. As a CARIBBEAN BRITISH person, I'd like to say fuck you. I call myself black and I'm pretty sure that most black people do, no matter their culture. You complain about how you don't like being called black yet you call white people white. What kind of logic is that?

  15. I just don't get it.Finally You find a good video giving tips about makeup for non-white skins and you have some hysterics making everything into races war. Get a life people, this isn't political , it's just a nice video for those who want to try it.

  16. it doesn't matter whether you are black or white,..because in this world we are all equal in the eyes of God.Discrimination and racist problem comes from the individual,always remember that we are just different because of culture and ethnicity but in the end we are all apes that evolves through the years and became a mankind,that's accdg. to charles darwin theory and I don't believe that,ok.?so what I mean is c'mon!let's be friendly!we all live in planet earth.

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