How To Apply Lipstick, With Sophia Roe

(upbeat music) – Hey angels, I’m Sophia Roe. And here’s deal, you’re probably
putting on lipstick wrong. It’s okay, it’s no big deal. I’m sure you watched your
mom do it, your grandmother, and she was probably, like,
making really funny, weird, crazy faces when she was
putting on her lipstick. I’m gonna really help you out. So this is a beautiful Kosas
brand lip color called Electra. You wanna make sure that you
keep your lips very neutral when you’re applying lipstick. So you don’t do any of this,
and you don’t open your mouth. You do none of that. And you wanna dab the lipstick on. You’re working with something
pretty pigmented here so you definitely wanna
avoid over sweeping the lip color everywhere. And as you’re kind of applying a lip color make sure you’re touching
both of your lips together. If you notice, I’m not
having to open my mouth and make sure all the lines meet up, it’s really just a simple, let your lips kind of do the work. And you don’t wanna get
the color too deep in, I know a lot of times I see people really open their lips and do this, that’s just a great way to get
lipstick all over your teeth. And there you go. Lip stick, gorgeous, mwah.

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