100 thoughts on “How to Apply Hair Product The RIGHT Way | Hair Tips For Men | Alex Costa

  1. Hope you guys enjoy this one! BETTER HAIRSTYLE FOR ALL!!! haha 🙂
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  2. Man these products u mention in your video are not available worldwide for online delivery…i shall be glad if u post the alternative products available worldwide…tnx

  3. Hey Alex, I have thin dry hair, don't blow dry because of it, but I want a strong hold product for short pomp. Which wax (or clay) will you recommend?

  4. I'm really confused about washing hair day after I apply hair products…. If I apply daily should I wash my hair daily? Can you help me in this?

  5. Hey dude love from India n i love the way u understanding that n helping to use right product in such right way..

  6. Bro..make a video in which there s information about how to keep our hair black to brown naturally

  7. Like your videos! Always good advice, professional presented and not even with a tiny bit of stiff or boring appearance. 👍

  8. Some decent tips but you shouldn't wash your hair EVERY day and strip all the natural oils.
    Also clays are very hard to apply when you have thick hair. And if your hair is completely dry like he advocates good luck getting the clay in there without clumps of hair coming out.
    I have thick hair and pomades and creams seem to be the only things that work.

  9. Hello. Im trying hair products and I want something ask you when I apply hair product in my hair after that day night I shoud wash my hair 'yes or no' ?. If it's ' yes ' how long i can go like that ?

  10. i dont have blower to use. but i already bought a 2$ wax just to try. and wtf i feel so oily and uncomfortable. any advice? or i should get hair clay next time

  11. Thanks a lot Alex for all your videos. They are all so simple to follow and implement. Also, I really admire your grooming and style! Please keep making more and more of such videos.

  12. Wait, he said that I should wash my hair before I apply product, but in another video, he said that you should wash your hair too much or else it will damage your hair. TF?!

  13. Overall this is a good video with helpful advice but I found that the editing where it changes camera viewpoints every ten seconds to get annoying real fast. It made me not want to finish it.

  14. Finally found you!! Been having hard time fixing my hair every morning to work. I saw your techniques and are very much easier to follow instructions. Thank you again and keep posting cool products 🙂

  15. BluMaan products are better than those products that has high concentration of toxins and alcohol that will weigh the hair down, like hair Gels. But thankfully, there's BluMaan! I love BluMaan because these BluMaan products are much beneficial to the hair that will easily help the hair stay healthy, protects against heat, damage and shinier. Besides Original by BluMaan Styling Meraki, I mostly like Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade because Fifth Sample has 5 healthy ingredients.

  16. Hi, is it possible to mix different brands of wax and clay? Will it damage the hair or give out unpleasant smell?

  17. Hey Alex. Guess you're contradicting yourself here mate. In one of your videos you have advised not to wash your hair daily. That you only use shampoo 3 odd times a week and use conditioner daily. Assuming you/we use hair products daily to style our hair – your advice here would suggest that we'll need to wash daily get rid of natural oils and product from precious day… please could you clarify? Cheers

  18. real men dont give a fuck about whats in their closet either…. thats not important…. like a bunch girls 🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  19. i like to put pre styler with damp hair then put the finish product on im going for the greaser look but not to greasy but the side of my hair always goes up and i want my hair to have that damp look to it someone help pls p.s. im trying to grow my hair

  20. if you use pomade your hair will never look like you just washed it. it will look glued together no matter what you do. same goes for many other products

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