How to Apply Fake Eyelashes : How to Apply Mascara to Fake Eyelashes

Hi I’m Yvette Parrish and thanks for joining
me at Expert Village. Today I am going to show you how to apply false eyelashes, how
to make them stay and how to get that gorgeous look on your eyes. So I am going to go back
and take a little bit of mascara. I want you to close your eyes so we can kind of see both.
Remember we spent a lot of time doing the mascara before we applied the false eyelashes.
We applied it on top, we applied it on bottom, and we strengthened her eyebrow to give it
a pretty frame so that we could take these dramatic eyes. Now I am going back with mascara
because her artificial lashes don’t have any mascara on them. So I need to put them
on the same way top and bottom and then you don’t have to go too crazy with it but while
it is still wet, I take it and I kind of smash her real lashes in with the false lashes.
That way you don’t have one that is maybe pointing down and then you have your new false
lashes curling up. If you kind of smash the two together while the mascara is wet, then
everything will mesh together and look natural.

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