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Fawless skin is every girl’s dream! Some lucky ones have it naturally for the rest of us thank god there are concealers! Hi, I’m Tarannum, your professional makeup artist. I’m at the Glamrs Studios today and I’m going to show you my concealer routine. It’s very
important you prep your skin which is moisturizer and if you have very oily skin then you probably need a bit of primer. Make sure you apply the moisturizer under your eyes also you just gently rub it into your skin. Moving on to foundation, I’m using a MAC NC42 Studio Fix fluid foundation. I have normal skin and right now I don’t want too much coverage so that’s why I’m using a liquid foundation. Start off with the center of your face. So I’m using a small brush to do the application and you can really use anything you can use a rounded off brush like this you can use a Beauty Blender you can even use your fingers whatever you’re comfortable with There is no thumb rule to applying makeup! Always use less product it’s
easier to build coverage then trying to wipe off! So I’m actually not applying foundation to my neck you can do it if you really need coverage otherwise whatever is remaining on your brush just brush it down. That’s pretty much done, I’m moving onto concealer I’m using NC 42 by MAC, the cream base. Now the trick of applying concealer is in a v-shape like this. This this trick will not just conceal but it will also highlight my face and bring it forward. Usually on a client that I would use a brush but on myself I prefer using my finger, your ring finger you can just use your ring finger in a dabbing motion don’t wipe off just dab. And again whatever is remaining just dab off on
your lids as well so any discoloration on top of your lids will also disappear So that’s done, you can see the difference between both the eyes. This is much brighter this side and I have to do the application on this side. Also do bear in mind that it’s not going to cover up scars, zits, pimples so if you have such problem areas the texture of your skin will remain the same so don’t try to overload product on your skin it will actually draw more attention. As you can see I have a few spots here and then I have one tiny little spot here. You see I’ve only applied it on the spots and now again with the finger dab it. Also remember to apply a little bit of a concealer around your nose because usually this area has got a bit of discoloration and shadow. So that’s my concealing done! I’m going to complete this look with some powder, maybe some blusher, mascara, Kajal and lipstick! That’s done and tada! Let me know these tips worked for you in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to! Stay beautiful, stay

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  2. U talk n act exactly live pallavi , nice video anyways, i always end up applying too much concealer but now i knw the trick

  3. Thank u dear,
    Your tips really helps me to conceal my dark circles as i am using the concealer first time😘😍
    Thanks once again

  4. i wanna make concealer at i need moisturise,foundation nd face powder…so can i use vaseline petrolium jelly instead of moisturiser??

  5. Is it ok to not use foundation and use concealer? not to highlight but just a little bit cover up dark circles and pigment ?

  6. Can you please guide how to choose a perfect concealer according to skin type. If you have already can you please share. What I'm using is giving white look after an hour. I don't know how to avoid. Please suggest. Thank you.

  7. K …so if am an nc 25 in studio fix foundation ..wats ll be my concealer shade ??…no dark circles..just need some brightness…n young under eyes…

  8. Umm, you might want to change your title. It says how to apply concealer to hide dark circles and PIMPLES, but then you say you can't use it to cover up zits (2:41) ???

  9. maam my skin is very rough with blemishes nd scars, i ve got sensitive skin with combination type somewhere its dry nd oily..however i use foundation bt it looks so dark where it has blemishes so plz maam will u suggest me any good concealer nd foundation which suits on my skin nd hide those pores ,acne nd m using missa nd gosh produt bt not good fr my skin.

  10. Mera under eye alag hi bright white si ho jati h..after conceler..m usko beauty blender ..brush sabse ache se blend karti hu..fir b even look nhi aata..

  11. you look gorgeous and your skin is so lovely!! thank you for the tips, i think after seeing your video I've definitely been applying to much product

  12. Hii. It's good because it's really very simple n like this way of make up. Please will you suggest me which concealer is good for medium fare skin measn? Means matt or liquid?

  13. Hlo mam.. Thnk u so much for ds video.. It ws useful fr me.. … How to select best foundation nd concealer for d types of skin… Plz .

  14. My face always "cake-ey". Pardon me I forget how to spell that. Haha. So with this tips, I will look forward and cross my fingers. Insyaallah

  15. Thank you for this vid. It helps me to hide my serious dark circles. My dark circles is very terrible it always ruined my life everyday. Even i sleep a lot but still im look like sleepy coz of it. Thanks for this vid.

  16. Usually u guys do gud videos but Please do such videos who have spot to conceal not a flawless person doing such tutorial its waste of our time to watch .

  17. I am Filipina and I am already a fan of Tarannum and Pallavi☺ I've been a fan of Glamrs for about 3 years now. Every time Youtube notifies me of your new video, I always have this happy and exciting feeling☺

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