17 thoughts on “How I USED To Do My Makeup VS. NOW! | NikkieTutorials

  1. Her eyes have personality’s her old way she did her eyes is like the shy kid in school who would probably be the nerd and her now eyes looks like the Regina George of the story she is there and she does not care

  2. I acctuly like the old makeup better. the new one is to much bratz doll for my taste. But she is really good ether way. Keep up the good work!

  3. I like the eyes and the cheeks more in your old way of doing your makeup. The brows and the lips are better in the new one 😀 for me at least

  4. As much as I love the eye look on the left, I think I like the one on the right more. I tend to gravitate toward lower-drama eye looks for myself, though.

  5. I know I'm watching this now… but… I did something similar (I know that the video quality is something…) but it was the then (when I went out) and the now (but like 2 years ago, if my memory is still intact..) And that's way back then, though.
    Thanks for sharing your old and new techniques… I might be changing my own style too…

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