How Expired Is Your Makeup?

– If I can scrape the mold off of cheese and still safely eat it,
I think I can still use my makeup a couple months
after it’s expired. (upbeat music) – Today, I’m finding out if
I’m using expired makeup. I am. – I do know makeup expires, but makeup’s also so expensive, y’all. – For some reason, I just think makeup is just so magical that it doesn’t expire. – I still don’t wanna throw it away. It’s a piece of me. – I believe over half my makeup products that I use are expired. (laughs) – I think a handful of
my products are expired. It’s probably the reason
why I’ve been getting so much acne is that I never
change any of my makeup out. – Is it filled with bacteria and germs? I just realized how scary this could be. Now I’m freaked out. – Carry on. We’re gonna do this, let’s do it. – This is so gross that
a nice little hair on it. This has gotta be like
a year and a half old. – Maybe a month and a half ago. – I got this in November. (fun upbeat music) (ding) Hell yeah, this is still good. (ding)
– What? (ding)
– Nice. The pump got me, it saved me. Somethin’ about this whole deal with the trapped air makes me think that this has less of a lifespan
than the foundation. It’s about six months ago. – I’ve had this Erase Paste
by Benefit for two years. (fun upbeat music) (ding)
– Thank God. (buzz)
– Well, goddammit. I should’ve gotten rid
of that like months ago. – [Jazzmyne] Blush, blush, blush. Maybe about three months ago. – Maybe like a year, a year and a half. (upbeat music) (ding) – Blush for a year. This is perfect. (ding)
– Yes. I replace my mascara a lot
because it gets really clumpy. This is maybe about two months old. – I know this one I’ve
had for a year and a half. This one I’ve had for six months
and this one I just bought. (upbeat music) (ding) – Yes, I knew it. Open it, three months,
throw that shit away. (buzz) – I’m surprised my eyelashes
haven’t fallen off. Oh, I feel so dirty. I’ve had this for definitely a year and a half, maybe two years. – I probably got this a year ago. (upbeat music) (buzz) I’m not throwin’ this shit away. (buzz) – Yeah, it doesn’t do its thing anymore. It’s not pigmented. It smells a little bit. (upbeat music) – I probably got this two months ago. – I think this has been in my bag for maybe a year and a half, two years. (upbeat music) (ding) – I feel like you use
it before it’s expired. (buzz) – No, I’ve had this a
year and a half too long. (laughs) (fun upbeat music) – I probably got this
close to six months ago. – I wanna say a year. (fun upbeat music) (buzz)
– Says who? Depending on use? Ooh, that might be way
past the expiration date. (laughs) (buzz) – I can’t keep buyin’
lipsticks every few months. – It makes sense that if we’re
gonna be so hypervigilant about expiration dates
when it comes to our food, we definitely should when it
comes to our skin products. – I bet my skin would
be a lot clearer had I paid attention to the expiration dates. – I know that my makeup is probably expired. But no, you should really throw that shit away, including this. – It’s good to know that
my actual makeup-makeup hasn’t expired, so I don’t
have to like buy new shit. But the rest of it, at least, I don’t have to like go out and buy a
whole new set of makeup. – If I see a little number
with this little jar opening symbol, that’s
the number of months it can live after it’s opened. I feel like this is like
a mom thing to teach. Like darling, don’t use past this date.

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