How Drag Superstar Shea Couleé removes a full face of makeup

– Test one, two. This is Shea Couleé. Hey. Sup, gonna teach you how
to take off some makeup. (music) I’m here with Lush to show you how to use some of their amazing makeup removers to get rid of my makeup
from today’s shoot. And the great thing
about these products are, as opposed to traditional makeup removers that are cream based, they don’t have petroleum in them. So they won’t clog up your pipes, and they won’t clog up your pores. So like, win-win right? So, first step is remove
these lashes, girl. They’ve been on for forever. Oh gosh, that feels so good. Put them to the side
because I reuse my lashes. If you take care of ’em, you can use them for up to three months. No joke. Now first what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna go in with something that’s a little bit
thicker and heavy duty. I’m gonna be using Ultrabland. It’s really great. Its got almond oil in it, rosewater. It’s very calming and
soothing on the skin. But it helps to like, break up all those really heavy foundations. So that you can get in there, and start getting that cleansing going. So, let’s just jump into it. I like to start right here on the cheeks. It’s just so… smooth. So moisturizing. And also it doesn’t strip your skin. When you want to take off makeup, you also want to be really really gentle. So I’m gonna go through. Get my cloth nice and wet. And look with that one swipe, how much of that makeup it takes off. Now look at that. All that makeup off. Just like (snaps) that. Eight hours in eight seconds. It’s great. Lips, gone. Highlight, contour, obliterated. Uh, now the fun part. Go in, get all this eye makeup. And don’t be afraid to get in there. Get in those corners. You don’t have to be worried
about getting it in your eyes, because it’s so gentle. Treat yourself. Take the time to invest in your self care, and give yourself the
makeup removing routine that you deserve. And just look at how clean that face is. It’s just like, what makeup? Where? Was I even wearing it in the first place? My skin feels so nourished. And that’s what you want. You want your skin to be happy when you take your makeup off, not angry. So, because I was in a full
on drag face of makeup, me personally, I love to
do a double cleansing. So for that, I’m gonna
move over to 9 To 5. That has sweet almond oil
and dove orchid extract. Oh, how fancy. So I’m just gonna go put a
nice little amount in my hand. like so. Massage it. On my face. Especially in those eyes, I
get so much leftover makeup just caught in all those
little corners and crevices. And you only really need
to like massage this for a couple of seconds. But I’m just enjoying
this experience right now. So I’m’a keep going. 9 To 5, well this cleanser
is working over time. Look at that. So even though the
Ultrabland got so much off, there’s still that little bit of makeup that like, refused to leave. But 9 To 5 was like, no. I got you. Thank you. Now that I’ve done my double cleanse. I have to follow that up with a toner. And with that, I’m going
to use Eau Roma Water. Which has rose petals and
lavender infused into it. It’s so gentle and calming. Just gonna give it a nice
good spritz all over. Think some happy thoughts. Good. And then I’m going to follow
up with my moisturizer. Gorgeous. Which has cold-pressed essential oils. Which are really high quality, and very very nourishing for the skin. So, just remind yourself that a little bit of
Gorgeous goes a long way. And seriously, a little
bit goes a long way. I normally just like to do like a little dab on one of my fingers. Kinda hit all these
different spots on the face. That’s it guys. That’s all you need. Just massage. Looking good. Feeling gorgeous. But we’re not done yet. The lips. The lips are so important. I love mine, I hope you love yours. So, gonna go in with some
Mint Julips sugar scrub. It’s really great for going in there, and getting in those crevices. where some of your lip
products like to live for an extended period of time. Even after you’ve tried to wash them away. You’re like, girl,
you’re not welcome here. So let’s get ’em off. Uh-huh, look at how juicy already. Oh God. Mm-hmm. Follow up with Whipstick. Now Whipstick’s really great because it’s a sweet, orange-chocolate bomb. And I mean I love chocolate. Look at me. Just go in, warm that
up with your fingers. And just look at that moisture and luster come right back to your lips. Well guys, I loved taking
my makeup off with you. And I hope that you love incorporating these Lush products into
your makeup removal routine, as much as I do. And like I said, if they
can get rid of all of that. They can do wonders for you too. – (Clapping) – Yeah! Yay!

81 thoughts on “How Drag Superstar Shea Couleé removes a full face of makeup

  1. I’m officially boycotting Lush and no longer will subscribe to this channel or be a customer. I am offended that lush chose a black drag queen to teach how to remove makeup. There is an agenda to emasculate African American men and lush supporting this offensive and epidemic is infuriating. Why not just choose a woman who wears a ton of makeup to do this tutorial. Why does it have to be a black man?? Shame on you Lush. I will not step foot in your stores anymore and I will tell every single person I know, NOT to buy your products anymore!! 😡😡

  2. I love her and love that lush brought her to introduce me to all these great products! I’m going to buy all the ones that are vegan friendly 🙂

  3. LOOOOVVVEEEEE the new hair ommggggg😍😍😍😍😍
    Love you so much queen
    Keep on serving👏🏽👏🏽

  4. this was both relaxing and satisfying i dont need any new makeup remover but he made me realize i actually do

  5. Saw you last year in Vancouver and you were awesome! Your skin looks radiant, this was very relaxing to watch and your smile is phenomenal! You’re a great brand ambassador!

  6. looking at him so enjoying the whole makeup removal renewed my thoughts towards this daily task✨super nice vibes btw 💕my heart now yearns for some lush

  7. Me: looks like potato
    Shea: looks like a queen with makeup on
    Me: ._.
    Shea: looks like devine being without make up
    Me:* still a potato*

  8. Hi Shea! From Ontario, Canada. Happy and proud of Lush for choose you as one of their spokesperson. Loved you on the Lush Christmas Advertising. As A long time Lushie, I'm pretty versed On Lush products but I have to say you really opened my eyes (pun intended) to go beyond my box and check out some other Lush products.

  9. Shea is too underrated, need her to come back for All Stars 5! Love these products, the double cleansing is key.

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