Hi I’m Claire, and this week on Wheelie Good Tips, I’m going to be putting on make up. (upbeat music) Okay, so the first really big thing about makeup is basically skin protection. So, the thing that I put on first is actually sun screen. And it’s also equally important to make sure that your skin’s really clean. So this is how I clean my skin first. So I grab a little cotton bud, and I just put a tiny bit on the end of it. Normally you’d just give it a really good clean. So then I would put on my moisturiser, which I did a little bit earlier so that’s okay. I won’t show you that, and the sunscreen. So I put moisturiser on, sunscreen, and then I’ve got a really cool thing here which is a primer. Okay, not many people know about the primer, but a primer basically fills in all the little wrinkles and all the little pores and stuff. And if you’ve got zits or anything like that, it’s just really, really good with that. So the most important thing is to actually use these two bits of the hands. So you can do anything. I don’t use my fingers, but I do use my wrists. (upbeat music) I will go straight to the foundation. So here I have just a liquid foundation. I just like this one because it’s easy to put on, and I think it’s got another sunscreen in it. So, the more sun protection, the better. (upbeat music) So now one of the big areas that’s really important, is around your eyes. For my right eye, I just dip my thumb in and press around. See the bit there? I’ve got a finger that’s always stuck out. So I have capitalised on that problem, and I can just dig him in there. I grab this hand, and I just press that in. So you kind of work with the
spasms and stuff that you get. So that’s the base foundation. So now I probably look quite scary, and quite pale, and a bit weird. So I’m gonna put on some eye makeup. So this is the trickiest bit, and this did take me maybe a few weeks to learn. It’s just keeping it steady, starting in the middle, and out to the side. And this is where it gets a little bit tricky. (upbeat music) Okay, so now I’m just gonna do a little bit of touch up with eye shadow. And I’ve just got like a normal, just a cheap Maybelline, pretty boring palette. So I just get a little bit of brown, and then I go under the eye. And see how I’m always just supporting my wrist with both hands? ‘Cause that just helps. And my wrist function’s really bad. Then I just get a lighter shade of eye shadow. So I close my eye and it’s really just to kind of get that crease in there, and just smudge that in. See how it just sort of opens the eye after a little bit. And then I use a little bit of cheapie, cheapie mascara. So with this hand to put it on this eye, I kind of sandwich the wand between these two fingers, and use my wrist. Which it’s not a very strong wrist, but it’s enough to just very delicately put a bit of mascara on. Okay and now I will do a very, very important part, which is the eyebrows. Now, I want the eyebrow to sort of lift. So, I kind of draw it up like that, and then down. And I have to use both hands for this side ’cause it’s just a bit more difficult. Can get different products for your eyebrows, but to be honest with you, I actually find it cheaper and
easier just to use eyeshadow. And I think the result is pretty cool. Okay so this is something that I would not normally do unless I’m going out. I’ll just do it very quickly to show you. This is another Bobby Brown brush, and this is just contouring. So I’ll just do a really small amount of contouring, so tiny amount on the brush. You go just around the face. A lot of people get small brushes and just put it down the nose. I just do that. Just a little bit, just to give that nose a bit of a narrow, contoured look. And then I get this cleaner brush, and I get the yellow contouring, and just put that down there. And also, you really wanna kind of make this area down here quite light. Now we’re into the final stages, which is highlighting. Farmers has a great range of different highlighters and stuff. And this is really cheap, these ones, but they look fantastic. So, just sort of dump your brush in, both hands if you need it. And, you want to just kinda
get on to that cheekbone. (upbeat music) So, I’ve got a blush here, again just a cheap blush. Now the really cool bit, which is the white highlighting. I’ve got another one, just a very white highlighting thing here. So I’m just sticking it on top of the eyes, just a tiny bit. And it just makes them pop a little bit more. And you can see those, your beautiful eyelashes. I quite like this look. And if you follow the line, see how you’ve go that cat line, you can kind of follow that, that makes it look even a little bit wider. A little bit down the bridge of the nose, and the top of the mouth, because that kind of pops that. There are definitely ways you can kind of wind things through. Okay, so now, last thing we need to do is the lipstick. Okay just pull it out my mouth. (upbeat music) Okay, so that’s how I put on makeup. Thanks so much for watching, and yeah, just look, get out and just have some fun. Because honestly, that’s what I did. It does take a bit of time when you’ve got these, but I tell you what, palms, the best thing ever, okay. Even for normal people, they don’t know the secret. But just have fun, and trust me. When you get it right, it does make you feel so good. And it gives you so much confidence. If you’re going out somewhere, I always feel a lot better. You know, just a lot more confident. Yeah, and it’s just about bringing the pretty out from the inside, I think. So, have fun and good luck. (upbeat music)

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