Hot Fuzz (4/10) Movie CLIP – Sea Mine (2007) HD

Why do we need the dog? lt’s not the dog we need. (CHATTERING INCOHERENTLY) Right. What did he say? (CHATTERING INCOHERENTLY) What did he say?
He said,
”An ‘edge is an ‘edge. ”He only chopped it down
’cause it spoilt his view. ”What’s Reaper
moaning about?” Right. Look, l appreciate your
position, Mr. Webley, but you can’t go around
chopping down other
people’s hedges without permission. (SPEAKS INCOHERENTLY) ”Yes, l suppose.” Thank you. All right. Mr. Webley, l trust you have
a license for that firearm? He does for this one. What do you mean
by ”this one”? By the power
of Gray Skull. Where on earth
did you get these? Found them.
He found them! And what is this? Sea mine. Sea mine. Well, Mr. Webley,
this is an extremely
dangerous collection. lt’s a wonder nobody’s
been hurt before. No, it’s iust
a lot ofjunk. (CLANKING) (TICKING) ANGEL: Move, move, move! (COW MOOlNG) TURNER: You what? No, apparently it’s
been deactivated. Over. That’s right,
deactivated! lt’s not live.
It looks live. All rĂ­ght.

100 thoughts on “Hot Fuzz (4/10) Movie CLIP – Sea Mine (2007) HD

  1. An 'edge is an 'edge, he only chopped it down cause it spoilt his view what's reaper moaning about?

  2. Original: "Wazimombo"
    South-west farmer Translation: "Wuz imubro"
    The English Language Translation: "What's Reaper Moaning about?"

  3. "Nah, apparently it's been deactivated, over". "That's right." ding "Deactivated". British humour at its best.

  4. Obviously Webley's accent is deliberately designed to be unintelligible, but it's probably quite sad that I as a Westcoun'ry lad actually had no problems understanding Walker despite his deliberate mumbling.


  6. Simon Pegg: Level 1 English Accent
    Nick Frost: Level 2 English Town Boy
    Karl Johnson: Level 3 West Country
    David Bradley: Level 4 Elite West Country Farmer

  7. When you've watched this film enough times you can understand what words Webley is meant to be saying, you know you've watched it too many time

  8. It appears that Polish farmers have a lot of in common with British farmers… whole arsenals from Second World War, First World War and maybe Napoleonic Wars hidden in their barns.

  9. I know people are recognizing David Bradley as Walder Frey, but did anyone else notice that the actor playing the older constable here also played Cato in HBO's Rome?

  10. You know, the reason that that committee didn't come for him was probably because he'd have dismantled them with that arsenal behind him

  11. Btw thats like a normal gun collection in america. Also you wouldnt need a liscence for those guns in america minus the vickers an lewis (class 2-3 weapons ATF tax stamp for automatics) because theyd be grandfathered in. Also wtf does he mean by dangerous collection? The idea behind a statement like that is the same as when people say you shouldnt own an ar15 as if the mere fact that you own it means your going to be some mass shooter type. People are innocent till proven guilty in this country, not guilty till theyve proven otherwise. I dont own one or even want one but ill be dambed if anyones ganna say i must disarm myself because theoretically i could possibly be a threat therefor i must submit to the government an forfiet my rights

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