Homemade Peel Off Nail Polish/Easiest Way To Remove Nail Polish For Muslim Girls

Starting with the name of “ALLAH” the most
beneficent and merciful. ASLAMU ALAIKUM, welcome back to my channel
Beauty Tips.today i will tell you how to make peel off nail polish at home which is not
only easy to make and apply but it is even easier to take it off.you can see i have applied
the peel off nail polish and how i am taking it off so easily.you can also make it at home,
apply it and take it off as well.so viewers, let see how to prepare this nail polish.the
ingredients we need are glue and water.so let see how to make it, how to apply it and
how to easily take it off.first of all you need to take half teaspoon of glue and mix
it very well.then you need to add few drops of water so it can get a paste form.if water
is less then you can add a little bit more. but make sure it is in very less quantity.after
adding water, you need to mix it properly.now you need to apply this glue on your nails
with the help of a brush.after applying it you should wait to let
it get dry. make sure you glue is not wet at all.viewers,
you can see it is completely dried and it is dried properly.now i will apply any nail
polish on it.after applying nail polish. let it dry completely. you can see it has dried down completely and
it is not coming off.now i will show you how to remove it easily.viewers,, you can see
that nail polish is coming off so easily.viewers, if you liked my video then subscribe to my
channel and people who have already subscribed i, i am very thankful to you.take great care
of yourselves, Allah Hafiz.

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