Home Maintenance : How to Get Finger Nail Polish Out of Carpet

Hi, I’m Tim Gipson and I’m going to talk to
you about how to remove fingernail polish from your carpet. And not a problem I run
into personally a whole but, but could be an occasion if you happen to be doing your
nails over the carpet you may get a little spot on your carpet like I have on my sample.
So the first thing we want to do, the first step, good step to go to, whenever you get
any kind of a difficult stain like fingernail polish on your carpet, is you want to use
hydrogen peroxide solution. And what you can do is you can either apply this with a little
bit on a rag or you can just even pour just a little bit directly to that. Now when you
work on this stain, any stain that you have on your carpet, you want to make sure that
you simply blot the stain. And you can either use a sponge or better yet paper towel or
soft white cloth. And what we want to do is we want to blot. And peroxide I’ll mention
here is also good for even such things as when you get blood on your carpet. It works
very good. Now, if it happens to not work that well which you know we’re getting some
progress here but not like we’d like to see, no need to panic, next thing is we go on to
our baking soda. And you can mix baking soda in a little bit of water and create a solution.
And go through the same process. Now if you’re still having trouble with the stain, next
thing we want to go up to is there are some products out there that are specially formulated
for removing stains and we can try these. And you can do these run right after the other
to get these out. Now what you want to do is if you get into a particular product like
this, you want to make sure you go into the carpet that you have in a closet or some place
that’s out of the way and you want to make sure that you can put a little bit on this
and rub it into the carpet. And you want to make sure that it doesn’t actually remove
the color from your carpet. And then you can come back and simply apply it again to continue
to blot. So this is getting a little bit lighter, if we continue to work on this we can get
it out. Now if that fails then we can go, and we’re actually using progressively stronger
chemicals as we go through these steps. And the next one and this is very important to
use a non-acetone polish – fingernail polish remover. That would be the final step that
we’d take and make sure that it’s non-acetone. And again, this is something that you want
to test in the corner of your carpet in your closet to make sure that it’s not going to
pull the color out of your carpet. So if tests well in there then we can come to the stain
and we can continue to blot, and continue to blot. So I’m Tim Gipson and that’s how
to remove fingernail polish from your carpet.

44 thoughts on “Home Maintenance : How to Get Finger Nail Polish Out of Carpet

  1. @XxCeLeBRiTuBE what should i do to get it out of my bby blanket :/
    i washed it tho i hope it dosent make it worse

  2. AHHHH!!! my parent dont know but i spilled BRIGHT BLUE nail polish on my carpet so i started to SCRUB it with nail polish remover and now its a HUGE STAIN!!!!!

  3. THANK YOU!! i spilled the BIGGEST blob of red nail polish on my carpet… my dad is rlly strict when it comes to nail polish on the rug!! i was panicing at first, but then i searched, "how to get nail polish out of carpet" and ur video was the first one! i fixed it quickly without anyone knowing!! YOURE A LIFE SAVER!!!

  4. upon reading the comments here, it seems like baking soda worked out great for people but it just didnt work for me. My nail polish stain looks worse than ever after I tried to clean it with baking soda. My carpet now has white marks all over it in addition to the nail polish stain…

  5. Blotting one spot is easy but your methods are so difficult, My son spilled a bottle of red nail polish of my wife. He was running around with an open botten all over the house. That was the worst thing I have ever seen. I just let it dry over night and next day just used a fork and finger nails to remove now solidified pigments off.

    There is absolutely no sign of the nail polish and I spend $0 on it.

  6. Alyssa your a life saver I didn't have baking soda or peoxide or anything else listed above. I used nail Polish remover and hand Sanitizer and water and with patience scrubbing it came right out thx.

  7. Thank you so much! I used Baking Soda + Water and then I used nail polish remover and it is almost not even visible! My mom would have been so mad if there was a huge part of nail polish!

  8. I spilled my sisters indigo nail varnish on the carpet and I used shampoo to get it out. You couldn't even tell it was there 🙂 (the carpet was beige 😀 )

  9. i spilled a big streak of bright pink nail polish on the carpet and I can't get it out… I tried nail polish remover, baking soda water, soapy water, rubbing alcohol… nothing worked.

  10. hahahahaha great video I was watching this and telling my friend step by step how to get nail polish out of the carpet and then she went "WOAH MY CARPET'S NEVER BEEN SO WHITE"!!!!!!

  11. Thank you for sharing! I have berber carpet. So it took probably twice as long to get out. I used finge nail polish at first out of panic. Than I watched the video. I use hydrogyn preoxide. Than Ou! oxy-fast stain and order remover, than goff off. Than nonaceatone nail polish remover twice. After four large rags and finger nails hurting from diggin into berber carpet. It finally came out. I live in an aprtment so I extra glad it came out! I out down a towel next time I am using a tarp.

  12. I spilled alot of red nailpolish on my rug but my mother does not know ive been hinding it under my rug.ive tried hair spray, windex, proxcide, nailpolish remover, dish washer soap.PLEASE HELP

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